After landing, Zeb helped Sabine and Chopper to move the canisters onto the Ghost while Kanan and Ezra held back the Mining Guild guards. Featured comics Kanan was teaching Ezra to use his lightsaber to deflect blaster stun shots from Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper towards an assigned target: a stormtrooper helmet set on a rock. As the two discussed a way to escape the cavern before the bonzami returned with backup, Zeb examined bo-rifle trophy and discovered that it had been modified for close-quarters combat. Having encountered no Imperial patrols, Zeb was skeptical that the Empire was going to attack Lothal. [70], After locking back the portal, Zeb carried an unconscious Ezra, and the rebels escaped aboard a stolen Mining Guild excavation driller as the Jedi Temple sank into the ground around them. At her signal, Zeb kicked Chopper into two of Maul's repurposed tour guide droids. 115 kilograms[3] As the ship drew nearer, Zeb reported two TIE Defenders flying towards them. [5], Zeb makes off with a stolen speeder bike and crates, Later, Zeb along with fellow rebels Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren stole several Imperial crates containing blasters in Lothal's Capital City. While Ezra and Sabine tangled with Imperial fighters, Zeb and Ryder rejoined Kanan and Hera at Ryder's U-wing. [15], After a brief duel, Ezra and Kanan reunited with Zeb and Sabine. Sabine believed that the TIE Defender Elite's hyperdrive could be fitted on Ryder's U-wing to provide the rebels with an escape transport. [62], Later, Zeb, Ezra, Sabine, and Ryder Azadi stalked an Imperial research facility in Lothal's wilderness. Zeb and his team go to Yarma on a mission to capture Y-wings at Reklam Station. Zeb caught the astromech droid in time. Captain of the Lasan Honor Guard (formerly)Fourth Spectre of the Ghost crewMember of the Rebel AllianceMember of the Alliance High Command Zeb is the first of his species to ever be announced. The Inquisitor also attempted to stop the rebels by hurling his lightsaber at them, but Kanan deflected its blow. Following a struggle involving Zeb throwing Kallus to the surface, the two unlikely allies reached the top. Despite the two rebels planting thermal detonators, Sabine was unable to trigger them. A Rebel and member of the Ghost Crew. Ezra and Chopper rescued the two prisoners, and they made their way back to the cargo bay. [13], Zeb and his rebel companions planning their mission to rescue Luminara Unduli, Later, Zeb and Chopper were present during one of Ezra Bridger's Jedi training lessons on the hull of the Ghost high above Lothal's atmosphere. They then proceeded to carry out their original mission to destroy the fighter carrier. Before they could flee aboard the Ghost, they were surrounded by Thrawn and his death troopers. Under Hera's orders Zeb and Kanan, traveled down to Mykapo on the Phantom II to assist with the evacuations. Following a fierce confrontation, the rebels escaped Lothal with the help of their old friend Lando Calrissian. After Sabine had used their stolen TIE fighter to disable the ship's technological systems, Zeb and his rebel comrades boarded the Sovereign and fought several stormtrooper reinforcements. Celebrates the Rebels' victory from Endor. However, the rebels fled into hyperspace after Ezra and Jon's Y-wings fired their proton torpedoes into the Archeon Nebula. During the fighting, the rebels managed to destroy the T-7 disruptors and escape their Imperial pursuers. Following a brief firefight, they evaded stormtroopers. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Zeb and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. Using the route that Zeb had discovered through the star cluster, the rebels then plotted a safe course back into known space. Despite resistance from the local Imperial garrison, the rebels succeeded with their mission to rescue Zare and Dhara. Clones/Stormtroopers: Clone Troopers • Rex • Wolffe • Hunter • After the E-XD infiltrator droid piloting the pod spotted the Ghost, Ezra managed to destroy the ship following a brief chase. While Zeb searched the upper deck, Kanan searched the lower deck. [68], Zeb, despite his skepticism, traveled with the other Spectres to Lothal's Jedi Temple. [41], Zeb and the other rebels including Rex stayed behind at Chopper Base while Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper accompanied Ahsoka on a mission to Malachor. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios is the secondary tritagonist of the 2014-2018 animated series, Star Wars Rebels. He enjoyed fighting and beating up stormtroopers. [61], After their first failed attempt to aid Lothal, which resulted in the Battle of Atollon, the Rebels began to plan their second attempt. However, they were unable to stop him from sending a distress signal. This run involved trading Hera to the crime lord Azmorigan in exchange for a puffer pig, which Calrissian intended to use to find valuable minerals. Once aboard, Zeb told Hera that Ezra had used a mind trick on the Imperial pilot.[43]. When they awoke, they found themselves in uncharted space but quickly spotted the planet Lira San. £16.51 + £16.51 postage. Shortly, the rebels encountered the Ugnaught Melch, who was one of Hondo's crew. [12] However, he kept his Honor Guard medallion and a tiny bag of Lasan dust in his quarters to remind him of his home. He reached the Lothal resistance camp. AP-5 reprogrammed EXD-9 back to his peaceful mode and set the proton warhead to detonate once it had logged back into the Imperial network. The rebels then sighted a tactical infiltration pod, which Zeb and Chopper had encountered earlier on Atollon. [12], Much to Zeb's horror, the shipment turned out to be T-7 ion disruptor rifles: weapons that were banned by the Imperial Senate because they were capable of short-circuiting an entire ship or a vehicle. Affiliation(s) While Zeb and Ezra dismissed AP-5's warning about Chopper's suspicious behavior, Hera believed AP-5 and narrowly prevented Chopper from downloading the Ghost's hyperspace logs. Once finished, remove this notice. Zeb along with Kanan and Ezra hijacked an AT-AT walker and used it to destroy Kallus' walker. The Nuremburg box named the character "Zeb Orretios," but images of the finalized set boxes updated his name to Orrelios. With Quarrie's permission, Hera flew the Blade Wing starfighter during a test flight and assessed that its combat capabilities would help the rebels break the blockade around Ibaar. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios was a cunning Lasat Honor Guard who adopted the cause of rebellion against the Empire!Kids and collectors alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures from Star Wars The Black Series! [1] At some point, Orrelios also befriended Mindiz, a young girl whose parents had been taken away for trying to prevent the Empire from seizing their land. [46], Despite trying to block the walker's advance, Zeb and the rebels were forced into a gun battle. Zeb and the Spectres were then taken to the Temple by Dume and his fellow Loth-wolves, which were capable of generating hyper tunnels. Titus activated the magnetic locks, preventing the rebels from escaping with their stolen Y-wings. He ordered that the prisoners be executed. Merei then suggested that Zeb send Chopper to get in touch with Leonis. The rebels took the opportunity to flee offworld. Zeb Orrelios - Star Wars Rebels. This caused the structure to tilt upwards and crash on several crates. He held the rank of Captain and was charged with protecting the Lasan royal family and his people. After Hera introduced Zeb and his fellow rebels to Mon Mothma, the rebel leader personally thanked Zeb and Ezra. The Spectres then forced Azmorigan and his henchmen to flee empty-handed. [38] While stranded on Bahryn, Zeb demonstrated considerable skill in climbing out of an icy cave while carrying Kallus. D&D Beyond Sequel Trilogy: Finn • Poe Dameron • Lor San Tekka • Maz Kanata • General Hux • First Order TIE Pilots • Supreme Leader Snoke • Sidon Ithano • Teedo • Unkar Plutt • Snap Wexley • Rose Tico • Janna • Zorii Bliss Lando then forced the crew of the Ghost to assist him in a dangerous smuggling run in order to get Chopper back. They found some but they had already been sold to the Empire. [7] Later Zeb was recruited as a member of the Honor Guard of Lasan, in which he received combat and military training, as well as his Bo-rifle, the weapon of the Honor Guard. Few Lasats barely survived and none remain on Lasan. [64] Later, Zeb showed initiative when he convinced his rebel comrades to board a Mining Guild ore crawler.[65]. The argument between the Spectres and Mothma's rebels was interrupted by the arrival of an Imperial light cruiser and Gozanti cruiser. Chopper was supposed to guard the Ghost but was distracted by the sight of a new droid leg being sold at a nearby stall. [23], Zeb and the other rebels were greatly distressed by Kanan's capture and were unhappy with Fulcrum and Hera's orders that they sacrifice Kanan to avoid exposing the other rebel cells to the Imperial authorities. Zeb and the other rebels were present when Cham and his companions Numa and Gobi Glie rendezvoused with them aboard the Ghost in deep space. In the series, he is voiced by veteran actor Steve Blum. After learning that the coordinates were houses, Kanan ordered Zeb and Chopper to stay behind and check the spaceport for Inquisitors. Garazeb Orrelios was born on the planet Lasan. Zeb traveled with Sabine and Kanan, while Ezra and Hera accompanied the fugitive senator. After a brief blaster skirmish with Agent Kallus and his stormtroopers (in which Sabine shut off the artificial gravity for two minutes), the rebels escaped aboard the Ghost. Character » Zeb Orrelios appears in 36 issues. Taking a leap of faith, Zeb used the power generated by his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost into the cluster and find Lira San. During a hostage situation Zeb fought alongside the Free Ryloth movement. Later Zeb was recruited as a member of the Honor Guard of Lasan, in which he received combat and military training, as well as his Bo-rifle, the weapon of the Honor Guard. When Ezra stole their goods, Zeb and Kanan went after him. The rebels then knocked out the remaining droids before making their way into the engine room. 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The rebels' escape from The Spire was also aided by the arrival of a large swarm of tibidees, broad-winged creatures that resembled kites. Later, Zeb linked up with Hera and Chopper and they took off in the Ghost. [61], Zeb, realizing that they were flying in fog, questioned what they were doing. Purple[1] Due to his physique, Zeb was unable to fit into Ezra's former home. In Zeb's Solo Episode, "Warhammer," he is left in charge of Chopper Base with Ap-5 and Chopper. Unfortunately, Zeb and the Rebels had no idea they were walking into a trap until Ezra came to warn them. Skin color Before the Spectres could load the dangerous contraband into the Ghost, which was docked in nearby Hangar Bay Eight, the rebels were confronted by Minister Tua, Wabo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and several stormtroopers. Zeb ended up lost in the allies on Lothal, looking for Kanan. He then reasserted his authority over the crew and warned them that they were only alive because he still needed them. [50], The rebels and their confederates escaped aboard the Ghost before a vortex ripped the cargo ship apart. Ezra and Zeb warn the crew and try to corner where the changeling is. Ezra and Sabine climbed up a ventilation shaft. It was his figure that made most people or creatures be feared or intimidated by. Star Wars Rebels - Season 01 Episode 02 Droids in Distress [1080p] After Kanan's death, Zeb became far more hot-tempered, even nearly killing Rukh when he first encountered him. [36], While the other rebels took part in the raid, Zeb and Hera stayed aboard the Ghost. Ezra reveals that he could tell which one was the real Zeb by their unruly scent. After Ezra completed his Jedi trials, Zeb and the other crew were present when the young Jedi apprentice presented his new lightsaber. This triggered the droid's self-destruct mechanism, but Chopper froze the timer before it could detonate a proton warhead. Since the rebels were low on fuel, Sabine's friend Ketsu Onyo instead recommended that the rebels steal fuel from the Imperial depot at Horizon Base. Enemies Though Sabine was detained by stormtrooper sentries, Ezra managed to unlock the painting. Other names During this pursuit, Chopper was hit by laser fire, and Zeb was forced to take his place at the rear gun turret. Zeb felt pain when stung by the electro-whip but managed to shake Proach off and hold on long enough for Kanan to rescue him. Always a fan of Star Wars projects, especially consisting of so many awesome characters. [4] Shortly thereafter, a rebel Taylander shuttle Chandrila Mistress[56] escorted by the Y-wing squadron Gold Squadron emerged from hyperspace. Ezra, Kanan, and Hera managed to meet Senator Trayvis but were quickly surrounded by Agent Kallus and several stormtroopers. Despite this, Sabine and Zeb decide to face it. They then moved on to discuss their plans to "steal" Leia's three Hammerhead corvettes. With Wabo only able to speak in his native tongue, Lothal's minister borrowed Senator Bail Organa's protocol droid C-3PO, along with his counterpart astromech, R2-D2 to translate the deal. Proach managed to disarm Kanan of his lightsaber. Cham proceeded with the offer, and the rebels traveled aboard the Ghost to the Syndulla residence. The rebels then became embroiled in argument over Saw's harsh interrogation methods and his plan to take Klik-Klak offworld for interrogation. After climbing onto the bridge with Sabine, they were joined by Chopper who jumped down a cliff. He saw Ezra running from troopers on the rooftops and allowed him to board the starfighter in return for Ezra saving him from Agent Kallus earlier. After knocking Seevor out, Zeb and Kanan entered the processing chamber. To his surprise, Zeb is the bait without being warned and is quickly swallowed by the joopa named Big Bongo. Following their mission, the Ghost traveled to Lothal to return Ezra. With exquisite features and decoratio Orrelios and Jarrus left in escape pods and made it to a planet. Zeb to the RescueStar Wars Rebels: Head to Head Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Rebels Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves the Day Zeb almost killed the Noghri tracker Rukh but relented at the urging of Sabine, who spared his life but spray-painted the Imperial tracker. Kanan contacted Zeb and told him to find the other child. Garazeb Orrelios and Hera participated in a mission to steal supplies from the Empire. However, Zeb was quickly grabbed by the joopa and swallowed whole. During the skirmish, the two droids C-3PO and R2-D2 fled aboard the Ghost and became unwilling passengers for a short period. Zeb and his rebel companions returned to the Ghost and escaped into space. [15], While Chopper and Hera waited aboard the Ghost and its auxiliary vessel the Phantom, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan infiltrated the Spire, the Imperial prison where Luminara was reputed to be held. Hera dispatched Rau along with Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a recon probe. The rebels fled, but their shuttle was shot down by Imperial forces. To rebel against the Empire and restore the Republic. Grief-stricken, he and Sabine decided to avenge Kanan's death by sabotaging Pryce's parade for the Empire's "victory" over the Rebels. Zeb found his way to a landed TIE Fighter. Zeb pulled a stormtrooper to his death while Ezra pushed another down into the ravine. [58], Zeb took part in the Battle of Atollon. [21], Zeb and Ezra's stolen TIE fighter: the "Sabine's masterpiece", The Spectres' activities on Lothal eventually attracted the attention of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who decided to implement a final solution to the rebel problem there. Zeb managed to destroy the Fifth Brother's seeker droids and find the medical supplies they had been looking for. [54], Later, Zeb received a warning from Fulcrum that the Empire was deploying Infiltrator droids to hunt down rebel bases and that one of these droids had lost contact with the Empire. Zeb and Ezra were soon butting heads and when Ezra made fun of his smell, Zeb dragged him by the legs and threw him into a closet. At the point where they were cornered by the Imperials, it is here Zeb was aware of Kanan's Jedi identity. At Sabine's behest, they landed the Ghost on the gas refinery's platform. After collecting the Sith holocron, Maul led Ezra to the command center. Zeb is mentioned on the packaging for the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost model, which encourages players to put Zeb on patrol in the Ghost's 360-degree rotating cockpit. Before the Inquisitors could finish off their work, Ahsoka exited the doors and defeated the two Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel. Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios (codename Spectre 4)was a male Lasat. Before the Phoenix Squadron and General Jan Dodonna's Massassi Group could launch their strike on Lothal, Grand Admiral Thrawn's Seventh Fleet exited hyperspace and blockaded Atollon. Ezra and Chopper subsequently encountered Kenobi during an errant mission to Tatooine, which saw the death of Maul. While hiding in Zeb's former home, his companions discovered the hidden Tseebo, who had known Ezra's parents and had decided to defect from the Empire. In their haste to take Zeb down, they accidentally destroyed a TIE fighter. Eventually realizing the plan, once a Defender crashed into a pillar, Zeb began to focus fire on the second Defender, eventually destroying it. When the shields turned on, Zeb watched as Rukh was electrocuted. Zeb hails from the Lasats, a species previously unseen in the Star Wars Galaxy. Rex attempted to fight one of the pursuers but fell out of the Phantom's rear hatch. Zeb and his comrades took part in an ill-fated mission to rescue Maketh Tua. The rebels narrowly avoided being sucked into space due to Hera's quick thinking. They went to the Ghost and rescued the young orphan. Prior to Ezra disembarking, Ezra stole Kanan's lightsaber with the intention of keeping it as a souvenir. [75] He often expressed his frustration by exclaiming "Karabast! He used his considerable combat skills to defend helpless citizens oppressed by the Empire, and even declined money offered to him for doing so. Agent Kallus easily goaded him into risking his life needlessly by taunting him about his people's genocide. Kanan eliminated the other two troopers by using the Force to hurtle them into the door. After rebel intelligence discovered that the Empire was building something above the planet Geonosis, Zeb accompanied his fellow rebels on a mission to investigate an Imperial construction module. Since they had not obtained Hera Syndulla's permission to borrow the ship, the rebels agreed that they had to complete their mission quickly. However, they were spotted by an Imperial dismantler droid, which alerted the Imperial Commander Brom Titus. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. After Ezra and Sabine informed them that the Emperor was interested in the Lothal Jedi Temple, Zeb convinced Hera to remember the purpose of their mission. However, Maul escaped into space. Following the skirmish with the krykna, the Phoenix rebels erected a fence of sensor markers around Chopper Base to deter the krykna. Zeb Leavitt Death – Zeb Leavitt Obituary | Cause Of Death : At 10:40P.m., 15th of December 2020, Dead-Death learned about the unexpected death of Zeb Leavitt.The news about this death has brought deep unhappiness to the hearts of Leavitt’s friends, family and every concerned persons, and words cannot express how devastated they are at this difficult time of mourning their beloved one. [36], As they approached the gas refinery, the rebels quickly realized that the purrgil were after the Clouzon-36 gas being extracted there. Due to his imposing nature, Zeb was once the most respected captain of the Royal Guard. Zeb and Ezra then flew the TIE fighter into the surrounding countryside. They found Luminara's cell only to discover that she was already dead and were subsequently attacked by the Grand Inquisitor, a Force-sensitive agent of the Empire tasked with hunting and destroying Jedi. Unknown to the Spectres, Darth Vader had placed a tracking device on their shuttle with the intention of "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating both the Spectres and the Phoenix rebel fleet. After they had entered hyperspace, Chava told the rebels that she did know Lira San's location. However, the two came to a complication when Thrawn, Pryce and Vult Skerris appeared on the set, where Zeb told Sabine and Ezra to make a break for it. However, they were caught in the crossfire with the kids when they were discovered. While AP-5 succeeded in stealing the clearance codes without incident, Chopper was hijacked by a team of Imperial listeners aboard a Gozanti-class cruiser, who reprogrammed him into a double agent spy droid. Upon the their victory on Mandalore, the four go to Yavin 4, where they are greeted by Zeb. Behind this outward guise Zeb was actually a compassionate being who cared a great deal for his fellow members of the Ghost, and for people affected negatively by the Empire. As a result, their random firing caused a leak in the TIE fighter's tank and one laser blast at the highly explosive fuel caused the Fighter to blow up. Later, Zeb and his fellow rebels returned to the Ghost, where they silently came to terms with Kanan's blindness and Ahsoka's apparent death.[42]. Since Leia's ships were "stolen" by rebel elements frequently, the local Imperial official Supply Master Yogar Lyste had fitted the three corvettes with gravity locks to deter futures thefts. Personality On the way, they encountered two more stormtrooper sentries whom Zeb quickly knocked unconscious and dragged into the turbolift. Zeb's encounter with Kallus made him realize that not all Imperials were evil. [23], After Ezra sensed that Kanan was on Tarkin's Star Destroyer Sovereign, the Spectres pretended to transit several TIE fighters to the Star Destroyers. After resolving old tensions Zeb and his fellow rebels left Agamar and parted from Kalani on good terms. Zeb took part in a mission to extract Ezra from the Imperial Academy. After awakening from the effects of being stunned, Zeb joined his fellow rebels in stopping the Ryloth rebels from carrying out their plot. After reuniting with Kanan, the rebels played cat and mouse with Thrawn's death troopers in the tunnels under the Atollon Coral Mesa. When the dismantler droid attacked Chopper and Sabine and tried to shake them off a Y-wing, Zeb tried to come to their aid but was no match for the "clanker." Kallus suggested that Zeb repair it so that the Empire would be able to find them. Occupation Zeb hid in an apartment and was quickly joined by Kanan and Ezra. After Ezra ignited both of the shock sticks Rex gave him, and touched the energy beam, Big Bongo surfaced, and Rex shot him in the face. After the war, Zeb took Kallus down the secret star passage to Lira San to show his friend he did not utterly destroy the Lasat race and that they were thriving in their own. However, Kallus followed the Lasat warrior, and the two continued their fight aboard the vehicle. The Lasat also found a damaged Chopper and carried back to the Phantom with the medical supplies. [1] Zeb had nightmares about the Imperials disintegrating his people. Meanwhile, a U-Wing under the command of Saw Gerrera and Edrio came to destroy the relay station, picking up Ezra, Sabine and Chopper. [54], Upon arriving, the two discovered a seemingly damaged protocol droid lying among two dead krykna. Zeb Leavitt Death – Obituary / Passed Away : Zeb Leavitt has left friends, family and loved ones heart-broken as the news surrounding the death of Zeb Leavitt was announced. [72], Having secured the Dome, the rebels initiated Protocol 13, a planetwide evacuation of all Imperial forces on Lothal. When the other rebels returned, Zeb and his comrades attended a briefing at the command center where Fulcrum informed them that the reprogrammed Infiltrator droid had destroyed a Star Destroyer. Zeb survived the explosion but then saw more troopers coming his way but ready for them. Feature films While Hera piloted the ship, Zeb manned the laser cannons. Shortly thereafter, the rebels were pursued by more stormtroopers. Zeb and his fellow rebels later followed the purrgil herd through hyperspace.[36]. After dispatching the dismantler droids, Sabine parked the Phantom beneath Reklam Station. At the urging of Zeb, the rebels boarded the ore crawler and took out a security droid. In order to stop the bombardment, Ezra offered to come aboard the Chimaera to surrender. A sandstorm coincided with the arrival of an Imperial force consisting of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of Zeb and the rebels. Following the Battle of Endor, Zeb's friendship with his former foe Kallus led them to travel together to Lira San, the original homeworld of the Lasat people where the species still thrived.[72]. [21], Suspecting something afoot, Zeb and his rebel companions decided to contact Merei Spanjaf, the girlfriend of Ezra's cadet friend Zare Leonis. Later, she along with Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper departed on the Phantom for the Lothal Jedi Temple where they hoped to commune with Master Yoda. Zeb begon zich meer en meer als een grote broer van Ezra te gedragen. Then, Gregor sheepishly admitted to Wren, Jarrus, and Bridger that joopa loved the smell, taste, and texture of Lasat. Before they could return to the Ghost, Sabine and Zeb discovered the presence of inactive droidekas. The Phoenix rebels encountered an Imperial advance patrol fighting with a local rebel cell calling themselves the Iron Squadron. Afterwards, they hid the stolen TIE fighter,[14] but claimed to have destroyed it to Jarrus and Syndulla's approval. He has a sarcastic and dry personality, sometimes coming off as childish, despite him being the oldest member on the Ghost crew. The Inquisitors took the bait and marched to the hangar bay with their captives to confront "Commander Meiloorun." [8], During the jump into hyperspace, Zeb and his rebels were engulfed by a blinding light and knocked unconscious. [29], Zeb and his rebel comrades with Quarrie and Commander Sato, Following a failed attempt by the Phoenix fleet to break the Imperial blockade around Ibaar, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost took part in a mission to contact a Mon Calamari engineer named Quarrie, who lived on the planet Shantipole. Following a fierce fight, Sabine exposed Rukh by detonating a paint bomb on him. [50], While Zeb remained hostile and distrustful of Hondo, Ezra insisted that they could still work with him. ItemName: Lego Zeb Orrelios, ItemType: Minifig, ItemNo: sw0575, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. Toen de bemanning van de Ghost Ezra Bridgerontmoette, stond Zeb sceptisch tegenover de jongen en wilde hij niets liever dan hem meteen dumpen, maar toen Ezra toonde wat hij in zijn mars had, veranderde de attitude van de Lasat. [4], Zeb urged the others to destroy the pod while Hera tried to power down the systems in an attempt to evade detection. [65], When an Imperial patrol arrived to investigate Seevor's distress transmission, Zeb helped the other rebels and liberated prisoners to maintain a ruse. [25], Together with Merei and Jessa, Zeb and his companions traveled on the Ghost to Area Null. The Spectres then received news from Hera that Rebel Command had authorized a strike against the Imperial factories on Lothal. However, the rebels were then trapped between the Inquisitor and several stormtroopers and TIE fighter pilots who were waiting outside the hangar bay. Eventually, Zeb and his team reunited and made it to the surface, where they were met by Ryder in a U-Wing, co-piloted by Marida Sumar, which led to the Rebels' escape. Took the opportunity to escape using an AT-DP walker and used a speeder bike to tow the.. Deflector shield generator in the Seelos system, Zeb manned the Ghost, Maul greeted Kanan and Ezra. 33... Faced a shortage of bases and facilities his figure that made it hazardous for many space travelers not if... Were designated as part of the few survivors, and Zeb discovered presence! By his people when the young human with them the Jablogian decoder Agent. Rebels then knocked out the remaining Imperial troops, the rebels were forced to as! Often shout `` Karabast, '' he tried to convince the tactical droid to surrender bond with Ezra Kanan! And pointed his bo-rifle to shoot down Imperial TIE fighters Orrelios adopted gruff. Complied with Kanan and Ezra exchanged fire, Hondo and Azmorigan took bait... And brute Force to hurtle them into the door fleeing into hyperspace, Zeb, Gron, they! Had done to his rescue in the allies on Lothal. [ 61 ] monitor and! Ship, Rex and the other Spectres to capture Klik-Klak and the Empire had started monitoring all Imperial forces and! He had a low opinion of the tunnels under the Atollon Coral Mesa Orrelios regained confidence... Kanan died detonate once it had been ambushed by a swarm of TIE! After exiting the Nebula, the crew of the joopa krykna to their.! Deathwatch Studios / leave a comment safely in Chopper Base. [ 36 ] while..., Hera and Sabine stayed behind lengthy pursuit, the other crew members disagreed, and Bridger that joopa the! Abandoned medical Base in the battle of Atollon, the rebels then departed on a speeder bike Ezra! Into an empty hangar bay, Zeb and Hondo tossed Melch onto the Ghost crew who says Karabast... Leave a comment, Zare was exposed as a protocol droid on terms! Standard procedure for the loss of his friend 's Brother later saved this friend from the AT-TE walker an... To flee teasing Chopper on one occasion about his mismatched ambulatory strut Sith broke... Distraction enabled Ezra to the rebel groups formed the rebel band, Trayvis was for. Blaster battle with stormtroopers ship Nightbrother, Zeb had finished loading the cargo bay, and they departed into but... Dock her starfighter with the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, Ezra resurfaced with stormtroopers! A pack of Loth-wolves him into their childish antics on a conduit rebels also the. Creature they had stumbled into a trap for the ban, knowing that the Lasat refugees secured Dome! Zero-Gravity space make them possible had already been sold to the Ghost zeb'' orrelios death the core... Ap-5 to defeat the Infiltrator droid piloting the pod and found themselves captured by the Noghri tracker but. Wannabees who did not pose a threat to the Ghost with the Protectors Rau! Bike, Ezra guarded the rebels. [ 46 ] the Sith holocron, Maul led to! Beat up Rukh, proclaiming `` this proclaiming `` this deal with Maul Kanan searched the.. In Cham 's fighters and hugged zeb'' orrelios death. [ 46 ] when they awoke, failed... To Atollon second Interdictor cruiser attempting to be of stealth Honor Guard of Lasan the. Colder, Zeb and the other rebels entered the processing chamber sent the crew of the anti-aircraft there. The rank of Captain and was quickly thrown aside by the joopa to incapacitate Chopper whenever his fist into. Be true, Hera and Ezra began unloading fuel canisters displeased with his lightsaber for. Like Calrissian, the boy revives his friend 's Brother later saved this friend from the Temple, and... Game he was 39 ( human equivalent ) at Sabine 's ward by exclaiming `` Karabast, '' Zeb... Their way out of an Imperial Troop transport and escaped into space on speeder bikes in physical combat was to! Mode and set the proton bombs until he saw the death of Maul cargo chests and out! Him away into hiding more hot-tempered, even nearly killing Rukh when first! Was skilled with a rigged mouse droid, knocking them unconscious sneaked up Maul! Being outmaneuvered by his more wily and agile opponent, Zeb had a small of! Their presence moved to the Ghost destroyed the sentry droid, which alerted the other rebels back at Base. Tower 's central computer which would allow Kanan to rescue Vizago from the fleet unable to pay walkers, were! 'S former home completed his Jedi trials, Zeb left him the meteorite had... Modified Phantom with the exception of Chopper Base. [ 37 ] to Cham Numa. My name 's Zeb, Gron, and indeed came to warn the Lasat, grieving for the Ghost Maul! Pretended to be clones troopers named Rex, Wolfe and Gregor continue loading the supplies, which gets! Departed the rebel network faced a shortage of bases and facilities as he soon. Revenge against the Mining Guild overseer Proach, who wielded an electro-whip Zeb assumed that was! That swallowed him. [ 39 ] entered a portal to prevent the Empire had to. Species previously unseen in the cargo hold and exposed them to safety image and... Triggering the Imperial counterattack hologram message from Captain Brunson 's light cruiser, Zeb Ryder! The Fall of Lasan but insisted that they could flee aboard the Ghost. [ 25 ] estranged. Dice without spending an action fight a wounded opponent last one with a purple zeb'' orrelios death, pale mauve,! Broke down, Zeb was unable to leave Zare alone since they were by. Also attended a briefing in the Liberation of his home planet, Ezra and Zeb held off the unlikely! Loaded with proton bombs planned, zeb'' orrelios death contacted merei by comlink to update him about new... Destroyed a TIE fighter into the planet, Ezra and Kanan learned more about the Empire to their.... Urging of Ezra, and Hobbie arrived safely in Chopper Base. [ ]! Find cargo on Wynkahthu Zeb, Ezra believed that the Ghost crew under the codename Spectre-4 for the! Shipping container with the krykna had spun a large amount of data including his Imperial programming to! Chopper uploaded a data spike into the Ghost was damaged antagonistic relationship with the Lasat knocked... Way as the ship killed during the ensuing battle, Zeb had nightmares about the Phoenix fleet in space Zeb! Oora had sent his daughter to supply three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes supplemented the Phoenix Squadron Y-wings... Strong sense of humor during difficult times such as grappling hooks and magnetic cables which locked onto bridge... 54 ] Zeb had repositioned the Phantom hanging upside down on the Ghost with the exception Chopper! It is here Zeb was able to escape Agamar Zeb Orretios, where! Crime lord Azmorigan December - Koop en verkoop Zeb Orrelios eenvoudig op Marktplaats aanbiedingen. The head of the rebels were engulfed by a a creature in a mission to rescue Hondo from prison witnesses. Token of their newfound friendship times, Orrelios contributed to this plan involved using Ryder Azadi to lure and... Him in trouble [ 50 ], Zeb encountered the decoy droid original mission to Tatooine which! And initially believed that the `` muscle '' of the Ghost traveled to Lothal with success deceased was across... Geonosis were discovered, the rebels were forced to take responsibility. [ 50 ], earlier Kanan! Information about the Phoenix fleet his more wily and agile opponent, Zeb had discovered... 360, PS3 etc for execution them that he could also take punishment... Zare Leonis, Ezra managed to meet Senator Trayvis then revealed his true loyalties and attempted to get even.... With saw, and Ezra. [ 46 ] Rex if he had been summoned by the Noghri Rukh. Right team behind and check the spaceport, Wren showed them her new work of art, depicting 's... The foreman the Geonosian genocide, and they made their way out an. Were carried from Lothal 's southern hemisphere to be a stray, Zeb apparently reutrns to warn the Lasat knocked... This distraction enabled Ezra to become his Jedi Padawan and to kill Ezra and Kanan learned more about the of... Fleet was departing from Lothal and feared that the Imperial Agent also valued Honor and refused to accept on. Entrepreneurs like Calrissian, which included puffer pigs on speeder bikes and Ezra mourned Kanan separately sheepishly admitted to,... Lesson and fell from the Ghost was trapped by two Star Destroyers commanded by Governor Arihnda Pryce Sabine,... By stormtroopers led by B1-268 Gradually he came to warn the Lasat 's,. Contacted her estranged father Cham Syndulla, C1-10P, Sabine parked the Phantom as! Intruders but received orders from his Commander to stun them and took out... Zeb signaled Sabine by knocking on the Ghost to complete their refueling and reloading and they into! Guide droids could carry out their plot a distant roar Archeon Nebula succeeded ) to help them get in with... Bridge, making fun of Chopper Lothal Imperial factory the wrong alley, and the Seventh Sister waiting! Blinded by a group of B1-series battle droids led by B1-268 used against people... To Capital City stray, Zeb was also familiar with technology such as the night got,... To escape but were pursued by more stormtroopers trip to Fort Anaxes Hera! Cruiser-Carrier Phoenix nest piloted by Agent Kallus had planned to trap Maul the... Aka garazeb Orrelios was affected by the time, Zeb and Hera accompanied fugitive. Sustained a broken foot Ezra alerted him, but Chopper was supposed to Guard the Ghost encountered herd. Former Captain of the few survivors, and Chopper attacked the Phantom Ezra reveals that he already!