Winnipeg, MB, R2J 4G5, Products Selected 100% Reader-Supported. While these are great choices for experienced anglers, beginners will find a few Lamson reels in the $100 price range. They claim to have been the recipient of more “Awards in Excellence” than any other manufacturer of fly fishing tackle. This can make it more difficult to cast accurately which is one of the most important aspects of fly fishing. You fish in the real world, targeting real fish and facing real obstacles in the process. Most of the big differences among reels relate to the following aspects of their design. Fishing reel parts from almost every manufacturer, all available in one place! Many users complain that the drag system tend to be weaker than those produced by other manufacturers. News. The Redington Rise 7/8 is an excellent choice as it is affordable and lightweight, yet still made with high-quality components and craftsmanship. Unlike other manufacturers that produce low-price and entry-level models, they concentrate on the intermediate to high-end market. Better reels often rely on die-cast manufacturing processes, in which molten metal is poured into a pre-formed mold. JW Young & Sons Seldex Center Cap repair. It is essential to opt for a sealed reel in these hard-to-reach locations. It also features a very large arbor design to facilitate rapid retrieves and reduce line memory. Bonus: White River Fly Shop LUNE Reel/Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Outfit. The fully machined case and spool, carbon- and stainless-steel drag plates, and stainless-steel push-button are durable enough to last for many seasons to come. Ready to turn your favorite 8- or 9-weight rod into a fish-catching machine, the Lamson Guru 3.5 is a top-notch reel that is both lightweight and rugged and weighs only 5.59-ounces. Plus, the concaved arbor provides increased strength and backing capacity. Fly fishing for bass is a much different activity than pursuing them with traditional, spinning gear. The drag on the Piscifun is not as smooth as the drag on many premium reels, but this is to be expected from a unit that costs only a fraction of what high-end reels do. Simply put, you want to ensure that your entire rig is properly matched. One of the most important things they did was to re-engineer the drag system for some of their high-end reels, moving from a disc-based system to one that relies on matched cones to impart resistance. All metal. Mirage 3 is too expensive for me. This initial childhood fun turned into an almost full-time hobby, often traveling the country to find out new exciting waters to fish in. There is no real point in buying something more expensive especially for trout. Wasnt sure if this was best suited in this section or the rods/reels/line section, so mods feel free to move if you do desire. For articles showing 'Limited Stock' we recommend contacting the store to verify availability before your visit. Although disc-brake systems offer a nearly infinite number of drag settings, while click-and-pawl reels only offer a number of discrete drag values. Actually, I would need to know what weight reel are you looking for and on what waters you fish in to give better recommendations, but the above will at least get you started. You'll find every LUNE reel to be extremely lightweight and exceptionally smooth. Carefully used with minor finish wear. Someday, your kids or even grandkids will be admiring it with envy, dreaming of when they can experience its smooth operation while landing a trout. Jason from – “Hardy Ultralite 4000 DD on my 5-weight”, Louis from – “My favorite reels for freshwater or salt are Nautilus and Bauer. The original San Miguel was one of the most popular fly-fishing reels of its time, and those lucky enough to own one hold onto it like it was crusted in fine jewels.