Nelson has light brown hair, dark brown hair, and dim brown hair and wears a short-sleeved light orange shirt with a dirty, torn light blue vest and blue shorts with matching Mary Jane loafers. Nelson was watching on The News on a device about Homer and Bart fighting Lard Lad Nelson Commented and said Ha-Ha. It stars Nelson as Sid, and notably Lisa as Nancy. What did he ever do to you?") [punches Milhouse on the head]Homer: God bless you, Nelson Muntz.Nelson: Eh, I'm no hero. 183 Related Articles [filter] Nancy Cartwright. Such is the case of Barney, Springfield’s town drunk, and Nelson, the leader of the school bullies. Mar 28, 2017 - Explore Simpsons.Zone's board "★ Nelson Muntz ★ Simpsons" on Pinterest. On one occasion he developed an intimate relationship with Marge who gave him self-respect. Although the two do not interact much (if at all) in the earliest episodes, they do so more often in the later seasons of the series. His legs a identical to Bart's legs. Manjula came and told Nelson he was a mean little boy and wonders what would his mother say. Nelson's home is extremely dilapidated and is not quick to invite people over. Nelson with Mr. Muntz, Kirk, and Julius Hibbert. In "The Debarted",[22] Bart smashed his head with a trash can when Nelson replied "Yes" to a question (*the correct answer was "Yes, sir"). [25] Nelson later Sees Hans and tells him to give him his Lunch Money Moleman says that he's an old man Nelson thought he was one of those kids with a disease that makes you look like an old man. By Adrienne Tyler Dec 07, 2019. Despite this, Nelson remains aggressive and bullying by nature. It turned out that Eddie bought a chocolate, not knowing it had peanuts, to which he’s allergic. His grandfather was a judge.Nelson lives in a dilapidated house with his mother, from whom he learned his trademark laugh. Nelson: What's in the bag, wuss? CABF04: An aged Nelson konocks over Homer's headstone, laughs and then coughs in the Simpson's financial prediction. At the climax, he even tells Marge "thanks lady, for making me feel good about myself". Milhouse claims to care about the environment to impress Lisa. Let's take a look. Nelson lives in a dilapidated house with his mother, from whom he learned his trademark laugh. Talk:Nelson Muntz. He always acts as the second referee for the street races. Civil Rights- noun: the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. The Simpsons have been around long enough to make way for all types of jokes and theories, including one that suggests Barney Gumble is actually Nelson Muntz’s father. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. He had an anaphylactic reaction that left him all swollen and was found by a man from a circus who put him in a freak show, where people threw peanuts at him perpetuating his reaction. [12], It is once revealed that Nelson is of German descent. In "Loan-a Lisa", Lisa uses $50 to help Nelson fund his bicycle company, which becomes a success. Nelson has only been seen interacting with Bart's mother, Marge, on rare occasions, although they seem to have an awkward, yet at the same time, friendly relationship. :heart: His mom is neglectful but still tries to take care if him. In several instances, Nelson has visions where he sees his dad and goes up to hug him, but he is actually hugging a tree. In a video link, Nelson says that he used some of the money to treat his mother the way she deserves. Nelson hits Bart for having damaged Adolf Hitler's car. Nelson mostly appears whenever both playable characters are killed off or failed to taunt the player. Later, Nelson is free after Tom Turkey kills the Grand Pumpkin. Relatives In particular, he had been run over with a floor buffer, causing him to appear exceedingly waxed. He is also an expert in the proper preparation of Huckleberries and eats tadpoles for brunch and lunch. [7] He has a surprising facility for planning, as he tells Marge when she says she wants to take down Mixed Fighting that she will need parents, sympathetic school officials and clergymen, a place to meet, snacks, staplers, and a phone-tree; (which he considers to be invaluable in regards to organizing a protest) to even have a chance at taking down an entire sport. The Simpsons: Was Barney Originally Nelson's Father? Nelson getting tranquilized by Stewie Griffin. Many of these interactions are the result of Premium-based tasks. "Bart the General" "Dad! Nelson also was revealed to have worn diapers at some point in "Midnight Rx" since he says he was grateful to Homer and Abe's drug smuggling operation as it cured his diaper rash. He has a sensitive side as seen when he cried during Andy William's "Moon River" rendition in Las Vegas with Bart and the gang. [5] Over the years, he has terrorized most male kids in Springfield and was even seen bullying teenagers (also known as Jimbo Jones and the Squeaky-voiced Teen). I like to cry at the ocean, because only there do my tears seem small. [26] While helping rescue the Springfield Lemon Tree, which is in the hands of some kids from Shelbyville, Nelson saves Martin from getting beaten up by a Shelbyville kid, even though he is clearly embarrassed by doing it, but did it so he could maintain Springfield pride.[27]. Let me the fuck go!" His grandfather was a judge. Nelson is introduced in Season 1’s “Bart the General” as a bully and archnemesis of Bart Simpson, best identified by his signature laugh (“Hah-Ha!”). He frequently bullies Milhouse, even forcing him to denounce global warming as a myth only to punch him in faux-self-righteous vengeance for "selling out beliefs". Although he cannot control his delinquent tendencies, he treats her with respect and even tries to change for her, although both of them realize that he is not being true to himself by doing so. As this hasn’t been addressed by Matt Groening or anyone involved in the series, the “Barney is Nelson’s father” idea is considered an urban legend, and one that will remain as such as The Simpsons has already introduced Nelson’s father, Eddie. Cast member Nancy Cartwright voices the character, who first appeared in the fifth episode of the first season, "Bart the General" 1990. He is the 4th grade leader of the school bullies at Springfield Elementary School, as well as the most independent of them and Bart Simpson's frenemy. Sarah Janet Burns-Muntz (Bron April 27 1969) (née Simpson) is a fifty-year-old "girl", who is literally the oldest of the Simpsons family. Lego Minifigure Lego Ninjago Lego Simpsons Minifigura Lego Lego Man Krusty The Clown Simpsons Characters Homer Simpson Custom Lego. (Eric Cartman and Nelson Muntz break into Vyond High School) (Eric Cartman and Nelson Muntz run into the cafeteria lunchroom) (Eric Cartman and Nelson Muntz eats all of the cake) Eric Cartman: Wow! However, as Cartwright wrote in her autobiography My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy, "the producers were still putting together this ensemble of [actors] and, come … Page 10 of 50 - About 500 essays. The Town Hall Quests are the quests before, and Krabappel Quests is the quest chain after. He is the leader of the school bullies at Springfield Elementary School (despite being the youngest and shortest), even though he is also the most independent of them. The few friends he does have, Nelson is protective towards, such as Bart, who he protected from being bullied by Jimbo. ... Nelson going for a ride with his dad. There are also those characters that, even though they don’t fall into the category of “main characters”, they are often in charge of bringing comic relief in otherwise tense situations (whatever that means in The Simpsons context), becoming fan favorites. It is indicated many times that Nelson's father abandoned Nelson and Mrs. Muntz when he "went to pick up some cigarettes", and never returned. I'm tired of the ads and having to be on it every day to gain points. and then throwing the bowling ball at Bart hard enough in the gut to force him on his back and then made his trademark laugh, with Bart weakly thanking Nelson. Nelson has many other moments where he displays his hidden good nature, such as his brief amorous relationship with Lisa. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Nelson also tends to act alone, unlike the other bullies of the show (Jimbo Jones, Dolph, and Kearney) - he is also more openly hostile towards everyone in the town, while the other bullies tend to show some (limited) respect to the adults of the town. nelson muntz dad, In "The Debarted", it is shown that Nelson has become Bart's "other best friend", along with Milhouse. Both Nelson and Martin attend Space Camp and it is implied that Martin had helped Nelson quite a bit and the two may have been very friendly. Nelson's parents are Mr. Muntz and Mrs. Muntz. In Treehouse of Horror X's segment Life's a Glitch, Then You Die, Nelson during the chaos caused by the Y2K glitch is proceeding to use a Xerox to make photocopies of his own butt, only to instantly regret it after the glitch causes him to be sealed within the Xerox machine. Scratch him. A loud, high-pitched, contemptuous woman, Mrs. Muntz neglects Nelson. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening named Nelson after the wrestling hold of the same name. Over the course of 31 seasons, viewers have known many of the colorful citizens of Springfield, that go from good-natured people to plain evil characters that you wish you’ll never have to encounter in real life. Nelson stands over him with a fist raised and demanded he "say global warming is a myth!" The last phrase can be modified to suit the current situation/method of beating, resulting in phrases such as "Stop endangering yourself! It should also be noted that Bart has also beaten Nelson on occasion; such as when he deliberately allowed Martin to sing a girlish song while skipping and pummeled him for this. The negligent Mrs. Muntz works either as a waitress at Hooters or in a topless bar. He repeatedly implies in the first and second level that he was forced to act as referee as part of the sentencing to Community Service, due to being caught selling bootleg CDs on a street corner near Kwik-E-Mart when asked by Homer and Bart what he was doing, as Homer recognized him from his sales (claiming it was either that or reading to the Elderly). He also claimed that he isn't allowed to beat people while on duty, which he made clear takes some getting used to on his part. Nelson had told everyone that his father abandoned him and his mother when he went to pick up some cigarettes and never came back – but that wasn’t exactly what happened. Nelson has a card in The Simpsons Classic Collection Volume Two. In the first segment "Treehouse of Horror XXVII", Nelson is killed in battle. [20] However, Nelson is shown to be a lot tougher than the other bullies, when protecting Bart[21] and in "Dial "N" for Nerder" when the other bullies' punches don't hurt Nelson and he doesn't even notice them hitting him. Barney being Nelson’s father is a fun and interesting idea, and one that would explain many of the traits of both characters, but that can’t be the case anymore. Pony Nelson . Related: The Simpson's Original Twist Revealed Homer Was Krusty. In "Bart to the Future", Nelson is shown to be a rich, powerful businessman (or mob boss) who owns a bar. American voice actress Dana Hill was first supposed to provide Nelson's voice, and attended the read-through of the episode. Their romantic relationship has been referred to several times throughout the series, most notably in the Season 22 episode, "Loan-a Lisa" in which Lisa invests in Nelson's business venture. Alias(es) When announcing, he proceeds to do a countdown only to end up making a taunt after saying "two" before giving the final number. Joseph Korso | Medusa | Nelson once told Milhouse that his mother got hooked on cough drops, which is why his father left the family, although Mr. Muntz’s side of the story is different. How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window? But how true is this? The idea of Barney being Nelson’s father isn’t as crazy as it seems. Discover (and save!) Bart also beat up Nelson when they were imitating mixed fighting on the playground. [2] Cast member Nancy Cartwright voices the character, which first appeared in the fifth episode of the first season, "Bart the General" (1990).American voice actress Dana Hill was first supposed to provide Nelson's voice, and attended the read-through of the episode. Every time she manages to commit to a TV show without getting bored, an angel gets its wings. When Marge briefly adopted Nelson, Bart looked for his father so he could get rid of Nelson by reuniting them. [11] Nelson also beats Bart up after the latter accidentally wrecked Adolf Hitler's vehicle at a carnival. Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, and Patrisse Cullors all share one common trait: civil rights and protecting the freedom of others. The Town Hall Quests are the quests before, and Krabappel Quests is the quest chain after. Sex In the first segment of "Treehouse of Horror XXV", he along with other students have their phone in order to see the naked lunch lady Bart made false rumor. It takes eight water balloons/three bowling balls to defeat him. His grandfather was a judge. Mrs. Krabappel: Bart Simpson, you've had three months to do this project, you started 30 seconds ago.Bart: Thank you, thank you.Mrs. [15] Lisa went out with Nelson for the same reasons, only to be persuaded that he will never change. But how true can it be? Nelson Muntz. Nelson's choice of social ethics seems to sprout from edgy reasons and rules understood only to himself: when Bart (truthfully) claimed to have been Krusty the Clown's assistant, Nelson beats Bart up in the stomach, saying: "That's for taking credit for other people's work!". Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. "), "Aw, crud! In the same episode, he is very caring towards Lisa at the end as he makes up an excuse to hold her hand as they are rollerblading. Glancing at Bart, Nelson nodded. She was also a contributor for FanSided's BamSmackPow and 1428 Elm. He also has two cronies whom he calls The Weasels (rarely seen alongside him after the earlier seasons). Comment . ", when asked, "Nelson calls you? He is also very aware of his poverty and frequently has very little food, normally eating tadpoles and on one occasion drywall, this goes to an extreme where he has never even tasted hot dogs before, only "reading about them in catalogs". It is indicated many times that Nelson's father abandoned Nelson and Mrs. Muntz when he \"went to pick up some cigarettes\", and never returned. ", while drunk. In his movie entry for Springfield's movie contest, he indicates the only time he cries is when he goes to the beach, since he knows the Ocean is far bigger than he is, implying he has to give the appearance of being tough specifically to hide his more depressed side from his horrible family life. Nelson wears an orange shirt, blue and yellow short legs, and light brown hair. Nelson represented Japan at the Model UN club [6] and serves as a quarterback for the Pee-Wee school's football team (on one occasion he even catches his own pass and plows through the opposing team with extreme ease), which he almost single-handedly carried over the rivals at some point. See more ideas about nelson muntz, simpson, the simpsons. Nelson later Buys the New Itchy and Scratchy Game and attack Marge and Lisa. 134 appearances ... What most people don't realize is that Nelson has a pretty rough home life. Nelson has a manner of showing up in awkward situations of surprise or misfortune and regularly pinpoint it by laughing at the concerned people ("Haw-haw!"