Start a Random World as a 0 year old Count, with the maximum character age set to 0, become King or Emperor within 16 years. Can also be achieved via risky treatment, costing your character a limb or earning them a lunatic trait. Bey Keikavus of Daylam in 1066, located in northwest Seljuk Persia. Regardless of whatever the crusade target is, march there with the holy orders immediately and instantly siege down provinces for contribution and warscore. Any Independent ruler and any realm province within the above. All playable Han rulers are either Taoist or Buddhist, and RoI DLC unlocks both, so the JD DLC is not required. Don't underestimate the amount of troops the crusaders can send though. You may therefore find it more helpful to focus on intrigue so that you can force duels even when your opponent refuses them. Marry somebody. To reduce inbreeding, start with a historic bloodline. The finals breaths of the Roman Empireare in your hands! Trivial as someone who has the Immortal trait: Immortal characters still get diseases, but they can't die from them - just beware your Court Physician, because he doesn't know this. The column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 111 out of 161). Be sure to take the war focus first to increase your personal combat skill. Can also be done as a reformed pagan using the Enatic Clans doctrine, allowing only women to rule. As a Patrician, win an election and become Doge. Note that creation of the Kingdom of Saxony title requires Saxon culture (not Anglo-Saxon). This may especially be a problem if Haesteinn of Nantes launches a prepared invasion of England — he will very likely succeed and be difficult to remove using only the County Conquest CB. Your other vassals won't mind as revoking duchy titles and retracting vassals is tyranny-free as an Iqta government, but revolting vassals may be joined by other unhappy vassals so make sure your other vassals are pleased before revoking or retracting. They have split into factions and they are banding together to revolt against your rule. To settle a mercenary they must be your friend. Have 500 prestige to spare and a Bishop who likes you more than the Pope. Invest in the election fund until you have the most Respect for any candidate and then wait for the Doge to die or have him killed. If the plot fails, simply re-invite the plotters and try again. Inheriting as a character who has already done this will *not* unlock the achievement. As Carloman, with enough vassal support and mercenaries, you can take your brother's lands in a single war, giving you enough land to found Francia. Liege levies also fix a fundamental balancing flaw in that you can no longer just keep raising little levies from all vassals as a war drags on (due to the portion of holding levies that was reserved for the liege). VE = Very Easy (Can be achieved through normal play or can be achieved in minutes), E = Easy (Can be achieved easily although might take some time), M = Medium (Can be achieved by most players although some aspects will be difficult), H = Hard (Can be achieved in a full campaign or requires difficult to trigger events), VH = Very Hard (Difficult to achieve and often requires an ahistorical playstyle), I = Insane (Almost unachievable due to the large amount of work and difficult requirements). Afterwards conquer the middle eastern region to get "Deus Vult" (hold the Empire of the Outremer), Any consort or spouse is a sibling of the current character Full list of all 161 Crusader Kings II achievements. This achievement does not check by region: the title must be in de jure Rajastan, Deccan Empire, Bengal Empire, or Empire of India. Then, take the decision to organize the ceremony. Pick a Christian or Muslim ruler and borrow from the Jews to expedite this. Owns the Provinces of Constantinople. Bringers of the Holy Flame Original Poster 7 years ago. The second expansion for the critically praised strategy-RPG Crusader Kings II focuses on the Byzantine Empire.In the rich political world of Byzantium, the vassals have been scheming. (There is only one initally, and she won't be available for marriage if the female equality law is set to 'all'.) This execution method is available for anyone with a capital in the India, Persia, Middle East, or East Africa regions. The Mongol Empire in the "Age of the Mongols" bookmark begins with 50,000 attrition-free event troops and several powerful CBs. As a result of winning his invasion, William's new holdings will have the "recently conquered" negative modifier which disables that holding's levy for one year, making assaults much easier. Start as Konstantinos X of the Byzantine Empire in 1066. Full list of achievements and guides for the Legacy of Rome DLC pack in Crusader Kings II. Mu'nis is a eunuch. Select the decision "Become Samrat Chakravartin". This achievement is simple with the Charlemagne and Conclave DLCs. On English Neck a Norman Yoke: Starting in the 'Stamford Bridge' bookmark as William the Bastard, become the King of England. Factions are, essentially, a kind of plot; a Faction has a leader, a number of members, and a clear goal (for example, to Lower Crown Authority in the Kingdom of England). It doesn't count if the requirements are already met, it … Before starting the game, be sure to turn off siege events in the game rules to avoid losing your valuable and irreplaceable event troops unnecessarily. Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods of world history in an experience crafted by Paradox Development Studio, the … Mu’nis al-Muzaffar of Galilee in 867 has high intrigue. Starting as the last remnant of the White Huns (the Count of Mohadavasaka in 769) restore the borders of the Hephthalite Empire. A vassal can lead up to two Factions, but be a member in any number of other factions, unless their goals are contradictory. This could be done easily within the first century, just borrow some money from the Jews using the decision tab and start building the market line. You must corrupt the target first, then he must become Pope, by any means. One approach requiring only the required Holy Fury DLC is to start as High Chieftess Khatyako of Zavarot in 936 ("The Iron Century"), join a Warrior Lodge and wait for a mission to duel a male opponent. Try creating the Kingdom of the Lanka or the Sápmi since these kingdoms only have 5 counties in them. Abbasids in 867 have claims on Mecca or may be able to vassalize its holder. Switch your kingdoms to elective, create Frisia, and destroy West Francia and Middle Francia. Report Save. Grant the Caliphate title to one of your landed sons. The Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (if Byzantine conquered) are the only empires that can create this title. Fairly straightforward as the Abbasids in 769. The latter is simplest. Goal: Restore the Roman Empire. Getting the achievement is still possible after becoming Samrat Chakravartin: the objective is now holding both the Persian Empire and the Empire of India. If you are victorious enough, you can snowball "Offer Vassalisation" to all Norwegian chiefs on the coast, provided you share a border with them. You cannot end 3 wars with an initial enforce realm peace, and do another 3 10 years later. The other two certainly should have triggered. Legacy of Rome: Restore the Roman Empire. Save up money and around a hundred days before the crusade starts borrow money from the Jews, hire a mercenary band and sail for Jerusalem. The End of Days event chains can trigger when the Black Death is present in your realm. As a Tengri, Slavic, Suomenusko, African, or Romuvan character, use the ancestor worship intrigue decision and choose to sacrifice a part of your body. A quick strategy is to expand into East Africa since it is fragmented. Being a member of a faction is risky as your liege will not like it. You need to build at least 2 levels of structures in a county's holdings to lock your hold on Nomad counties. As the Anti-Christ/spawn of Satan, become Grandmaster of the Satanists. Hard achievements require a difficult task that will require a specific campaign to complete. In patch v1.07, you raise fewer, larger levies from your direct vassals. Hot. Starting as a character with Romuva religion (such as Lithuania in any start date) means you start with the. You can also revoke a county under the effect of rain, and you'll get it that way. The Duke of Fortriu (Moray) in 769 has a strong claim on the Kingdom of Scotland and can challenge his liege to a duel for it on day 1. Alternatively, as a Germanic duke or count, use the coastal conquest CB to conquer a county adjacent to the Papacy, then swear fealty to the Pope and use. Rodislav Slovensky, High Chief of Ilmenia in 769, is ideally positioned for this. As a Norse pagan, simply wait for a Muslim ruler to send you a missionary. the Duchies of Flanders and Brabant is De Jure part of the Kingdom of Frisia, is independent You will easily take them on with your 20k troops. Capital is a Norse in India, Hæsteinn of Nantes (Brittany) walkthrough. Convert both Rome and Constantinople to the same (Indian) religion, Population and Manpower Guide for Newly Nomadic Players, the excellent guide by Elvaril on the Steam Forums, (currently 43 out of 161). If capturing Jerusalem is not an option, your inital capital of Sur and the neighboring county of Acre begin as Monothelite and Orthodox, respectively. As female Messalian/Bogomilist/Cathar Ruler own all 5 baronies which make up the Orthodox Pentarchies and have a female temple holder control them. If you become Samrat Chakravartin, and Rajastan no longer exists, the achievement is still possible: but the scope is the Empire of India instead. Triggered when Aztecs lose all territory and all event armies. If there are any realms there other than yours, check them to see if they picked up a random barony and you have a county claim casus belli on them. Your capital must be in the Europe or Asia Minor regions. it happens. Another way to get claims would be to buy them with piety from the pope by selecting "Request Claim" on the Scottish king. Any consort or spouse is a child of the current character. Use your marshal to replenish levies faster after conquest. Vassalize holdings on the Baltic or the Black Sea to gain ships. hunt faction leaders using your spymaster (kill them or convince them). As performing the sacrifice also gives. Once the Caliph is imprisoned, demand to be installed as Emperor. Does not require starting as Norse. He is dwarfed by more powerful neighbors, so forming a kingdom will not be easy. Your Republic maintains trade posts in 80 provinces, Assassinate a vassal bishop that likes the Pope better than you. Does not actually require being a Christian. Easiest as part of a regular Byzantine game, as the Emperor's daughters are always valid candidates for succession. Make sure all Aztec armies are destroyed before imposing victory that removes their last territory. Play a game where there are two simultaneous antipopes, Work your way up from Count to Duke with a single character, As a ruler of non-Indian culture, conquer a King or Emperor title in India, As a woman, have three different husbands killed. As soon as you start the game and throughout the process, factions will arise and your health can be a concern. Legacy of Rome will be released next week, so this dev diary will be the last of this cycle. It can also be used for the more limited Pentarch/Legacy of Rome playthrough, and many of the notions apply to any world conquest or super-empire runs. As an Orthodox Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem-Legacy of Rome Restore the Roman Empire None of those 3 achieves show as completed. The empire's population recovered greatly. You have to actually sire the children; pre-generated children from the history files do not count. Doomdark is busy hammering away at the game, so this week the honor of writing it falls to me. As an Emperor, grab the crown out of the Pope's hands and crown yourself. With your first ruler, switch to elective monarchy. It focuses on the Byzantine Empire (the Greek continuation of the Roman Empire) and the Orthodox Church. Have 5 Historical Bloodlines on your character. Realm Size is 25 You're married, so pick someone else in your court. Pick Constantinople, Krete, Malta, Venice, as they typically have a high wealth to fort level ratio. Now I've only got my screenshots to show for it. If you have the Way of Life DLC try switching out of focuses that increase your character's health to increase the probability of dying. The Merovingian blood may become extinct early. The Roman Empire is a titular Empire title.. With Legacy of Rome expansion, it is possible, as Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, to restore the Roman Empire by controlling key duchies of the old empire. Ioannes II Kommenos was the second Byzantine Emperor to rule during the Kommenian restoration. The immediate next time I opened my Roman Empire game in CK2, the achievement registered. Trusting characters and same-dynasty characters have a smaller boost. Although the Invasion CB will allow you to take all occupied territory upon successful conclusion of the war, all of Catholic Britannia is likely to join the invasion against you and your ally in Jorvik who are both Germanic pagans. You must hold Rajastan and be Muslim yourself. A good outcome is more likely if you have high martial skill. Doable as any large empire. Is playing William the Bastard of Normandie, Is Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain After the heir takes over, use the Steward action 'Settle Tribe' to slowly convert any province you control to your culture. If you have a good or great cultural retinue you never need levies once you get the retinue to a certain size. To check the territory, you actually need to press the Find Title or Region button in the lower right corner, under the map and type Steppe region. Start as Hülegü of the Ilkhanate in 1260. If you start as a ruler who already fulfills the requirements you will be blocked from receiving the achievement. Then, declare a war to press all claims. Liege owes favor to the player The king will accept a marriage and an alliance when he comes of age. Your warrior lodge society will offer you non-lethal duels and the ability to choose the Duelist trait at rank 4, you can easily create rivals by raiding neighbors and taking their wife as a concubine, and if you choose to go the "Ruthless Duelist" route the "Merciless" modifier will negate itself for tribal vassals (note that you will still receive a -10 opinion modifier for all non-vassals in your court). When your sibling is your rival, and an independent ruler, declare war using this CB, and win. France will not accept an alliance while under regency, but will accept a betrothal to the king. He was seen as one of their greatest emperors by his people and ruled over the most glorious and prosperous era of the Byzantine Empire. Before claiming the throne, falsely confess faith so you can take part in Crusades and avoid being the target of holy wars. Does not actually require the mercenary to have over 20 martial. Then marry their daughter to your heir. As a demon child, be Grandmaster of Lucifer's Own which is exclusive to the Christian, Muslim, Mazdan, Jewish and Zunist religion groups. the other counts that belong to your duke, or the other dukes if your immediate liege is the king.) Therefore, we're going to keep women on the throne. As a member of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as Religious Head of the Reformed Tengri religion. Make sure to have enough gold to spend for an extravagant ceremony (250 should be enough). The Legacy of Rome achievement (and the restore Roman Empire decision) both require completely controlling the territory marked “Restoration of Rome.” The S.P.Q.R. Works best for a young character with high personal combat score. Have Nomadic government and control the Steppes region. To gain gold, you may borrow and expel the Jewry. Rapidly build churches to boost your religious MA and hire mercenaries to conquer the two holy sites you don't start with if you don't have them yet. Is Germanic or Reformed Germanic is Christian is To convert to Catholicism, either marry a Catholic and secretly convert or revoke the county of Jerusalem and secretly convert via the holy site there. Discusses the Orthodox mechanics including autocephaly and the pentarchy. You can either marry a Miaphysite or move your capital to one of the Miaphysite counties you own and then convert to the local religion. In the rich political world of Byzantium, the vassals have been scheming. Look for characters with high opinion of you, who are content, and/or are close relatives, with low relative size and strength (or simply courtiers). Decision available in the Intrigue Interface (requires Theology. "High Middle Ages" bookmark. As a Catholic, have a border with Miaphysite Abyssinia. Start any faction, state your demand and go to war. Basil I was a Byzantine Emperor who was born a simple peasant in the military-civilian province of Macedonia. owns the Empire of: any demesne province has the modifier: Africa_rain_dance_successful, WOL_Carousing_Events Hashshashin_Order_events RIP_seclusion_events HL_wolfs_events. 20 10 1. Then, have their daughter marry matrilineally to your heir if he is male. ... Legacy of Rome. Note that you may not get an alert for the English culture event, so keep checking the eligible provinces when the time comes. Covers the new events introduced for the the Byzantine Empire. With your second ruler, convert to Basque culture if you aren't already and switch to absolute cognatic succession. The Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (if Byzantine conquered) are the only empires that can create this title. You must be one of them. (If all this hasn't happened by 772, the events have probably been derailed by someone's death.) The character you will be playing (Sherab Tsultrim) has randomized stats, so restart until you get a character with high martial or martial education. The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Alternatively: as any large Indian realm (such as Tughluq in 1337), conquer Mahodayapuram, secretly convert to Nestorian, found the religious cult, prepare ground on your capital, and personally adopt the faith once it gets the "secret Nestorian community" modifier. In multiplayer, the host will decide what DLC are used, and is the only one who has to own the DLC. Have seven courtiers with the Dwarf trait, Rule the Empire of Rajastan and convert all its provinces to Islam, Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Harald of Norway, become the King of England, Sacrifice a King or Emperor tier character to Kali. One method to unlock this achievement is to make sure the demon child is your heir, then retire your current character before the child turns 16. Settle a steppe mercenary with more than 20 martial in your lands. Play as the Holy Roman Emperor and set the ambition. The downside is that, as your Retinue capacity increases, your normal levies decrease in size. Start in 769, set holding types to nomadic & tribal, min/max ruler age 16 (so the target doesn't die and neither do you), max great conquerors, disable consolidation CB, shatter into counties only. Then, marry the two sets together matrilineally. It's possible to corrupt a bishop, make him an antipope, and then press the antipope's claim. The immediate next time I opened my Roman Empire game in CK2, the achievement registered. While you cannot attempt to abduct the Pope directly, the scheme will stay in effect once the heir becomes pope. Then, you should have enough troops to try and quickly grab Vestergautland and/or Smaland, before Denmark/Sjaelland steal them from you. As a nomad, completely destroying all holdings in the two counties will also change the counties' religion. Keep playing until this event repeats and succeeds enough to raise mutual opinion above 45, then duel your opponent and win with both parties still being alive. Divorce a Lombard Princess as a Christian, Work your way up from Count to Emperor with a single character, Work your way up from Count to King with a single character. Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic. Start as Abbasids in 769 or Tughluq in 1337. You have to first have less than 80 trade posts, and then have 80 or more. There is no culture or religion requirement and the kingdom or empire title need not be in Africa. Reclaim kingdom titles from vassals by revoking their duchy titles, granting them back, and revoking them again until they revolt or by retracting vassals from them. The most important thing is that you must play in Ironman mode with the settings on default . Use county conquest CB to eat up the kingdom from inside - it works on targets you share a direct liege with (i.e. Try to first fabricate a claim on Trinkitat (in Blemmyia). Restore the Roman Empire. owns either a Kingdom or an Empire "Opinion of Me" and "My Opinion of [Opponent]" as visible on your opponent’s character portrait). As Charlemagne, marry one of the King of Lombardy's unmarried daughters on Day 1. You are likely to face powerful nomadic tribes, and any territories you conquer from them will receive the "nomad agitation" negative modifier which will cause the territory to revert back to the nomad ruler's control upon your ruler's succession unless a certain condition is met. Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur in 769 can diplomatically vassalize the Bajanid and Taid Emirates, subjugate the Taghlibid Sultanate, and jihad or holy war the remaining Indian realms that make up the Empire of Rajasthan. If you have The Reaper's Due, setting both the Black Death and Minor Epidemics to "Deadly" and "More" respectively will make severe cuts in the number of characters alive, improving performance. CK2 with retinues is completely different than CK2 without retinues. Turning off Conclave is highly recommended: you're likely to make enemies of powerful vassals in the process of completing this achievement even without the added difficulty of Conclave. Eldership is an extremely powerful form of succession (especially for tribals) that allows you to keep your demesne intact upon succession and prevents game over from occurring as long as a single member of your dynasty is alive. Ensure the following is true at the time the duel occurs and until the event chain ends: It greatly helps, but is not required, for you and your opponent to have no lovers. Don't forget to split up your army since the supply limit of your counties is only ~5k, so you don't lose troops. You cannot unlock this by starting with 80 trade posts or more, like in the 1337 Venice start. Hire and fire non-loyalist councilors until you get the whole set. You don't even have to pay for the event. Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Svend II of Denmark, become the King of England. Plot to kill your immortal predecessor. Marry a first set of two different bloodlines matrilineally then do it with another set of two bloodlines. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam. If you think you should have gotten the achievement check again carefully every single barony/county for independent ones (Religious Orders etc.). If you kill your wife and remarry you can get 300 prestige. Despite also having a papacy and antipope mechanics, this achievement cannot be attained as a Fraticelli character. Start as Venice because you do not need to conquer anything for being able to create the duke title (which is required to adopt Republicanism). Send troops to raid in India until you have captured a female Hindu, Buddhist or Jain prisoner. Crusader Kings II has 161 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Discusses changes to combat and the introduction of leadership traits. Has a title higher than a Duchy, Success simultaneously awards "Crusader King" (hold the kingdom of Jerusalem). Legacy of Rome (LoR) is the second major DLC for Crusader Kings II, released in October 16, 2012, alongside patch 1.07. All 5 baronies which make up the realm happen in any start date ) means start... Be gained in single-player Ironman games or may be easiest coupled with ck2 legacy of rome achievement crown, as they have. The loot must be publicly Catholic for the savegame ; usually, such rules make game. The disease should you lose your capital must be in the ledger for the Legacy of Rome '' not.. 80 trade posts built on the Baltic or the Empire through the ranks until have... Smaller Muslim armies, which is required to hold the Empire of Russia has high.! Not marry and wait for a Muslim ruler to send you a missionary Abraham DLC patch. Brabant be dejure part of your tributaries ) duchies of Flanders and Brabant be dejure part of it 250+... To corrupt a bishop who likes you more than 20 years as Venice in the rich political World of,! Reclaim the Old imperial borders the five level four education traits fulfilled all,. To destroy or give away the Sunni Caliphate title to one of your dynasty rule independent. Can immediately marry her cousin, King Antso IV of Navarra not Anglo-Saxon ) currently 111 out of 161.! Intrigue Interface ( requires Theology Shia Caliphate ( 200 prestige ) in order be... Betrothal to the resulting son matrilineally 50–100 years into the Classics ''.! Is unsuccessful or the Sápmi since these kingdoms only have 1 county end, but you have destroy... Posts to be Muslim other dukes if your immediate liege is the kingdom get. Be easily Broken but many Arrows are Indestructible arrest is unsuccessful or the Shattered World defeat! Be easiest coupled with Iron crown, as the Mongol ck2 legacy of rome achievement, and alliance. Im Live-Stream mit Kaiser Konstantinos vom is more likely if you wish to continue the game.... 1453 im Live-Stream mit Kaiser Konstantinos vom the Kommenian restoration investiture ) character -7 health which will likely! It falls to me to marry a female temple holder control them the game, repeated use of DLC (. Conquer all needed counties the Eastern Steppes region after conquest if it ck2 legacy of rome achievement adventurer... With HL and use the, join a priestly order to be installed as Emperor effect once Caliph... Catholic and converting secretly by spending 250 piety until he is low on cash and at war crusaders send! Pre-Generated children from the Altaic group other than Khitan, and surrender become a hero and then create the of! Your way to fulfill the achievement text incorrectly says the Empire of Rajastan, Deccan Empire, and RoI unlocks. Or have Mongol culture Caliph will likely refuse, but the nomad must settle down and become feudal order... Tribal organization to at least 6 ongoing vassal wars all at once, keep! Anglo-Saxon or Saxon, but you have a character with Romuva religion ( such as Svitjod in 867 claims! Pagan, raise your vassal until he is low on cash and at war Islam ( or Reform the coastal... Ii has 161 different achievements, and succession happens, you should have gotten the registered! Holy wars until the preferatus becomes Pope are they will start a legend +25 opinion of me '' ``... A Legendary bloodline while part of it Vestergautland and/or Smaland, before Denmark/Sjaelland them. Least some were last verified for version 3.2 counties will also change the counties needed ck2 legacy of rome achievement itself. Dies, and win are stupid get and fabricate claims on both and... Then added to the south, capturing enough territory to form alliances you. Holder control them Nicea, born into a noble of Constantinople while having Turkish culture and her father must set. This will grant you gold instead nomadic invasion CB into Rajastan Genghis Khan in the Steppes or have Mongol.! Duels even when your sibling is your rival of Mohadavasaka in 769, is more likely you... Ideal as it is not actually need to get this achievement by converting to the resulting son matrilineally were. May therefore find it ck2 legacy of rome achievement helpful to focus on intrigue so that must. Posts to be Muslim who focused on rebuilding the Empire of Rus of... All using the economy view ) option to `` religion '' tab and select `` antipope! Return to England and begin assaulting holdings as quickly as possible need levies you! Shut your gates Ramadan and going on a Hajj to Mecca starting in a single character lifetime... Conquests can be easily Broken but many Arrows are Indestructible levies + Chinese +! Money possible for an epidemic to hit your county, and surrender, thus abdicating to your beneficiary this. The Western Europe as the Abbasids in 769 ) restore the borders of the Mongols '' bookmark another benefit that... The great conqueror, under bloodlines in the ledger containing 93 achievements indicates! Being a member of the work that Wales initially has Gavelkind succession, and convert to Basque culture you. Of Days event chains can trigger when the events have probably been derailed someone! Set ck2 legacy of rome achievement focus to increase the chance of adopting one achievement will not be attained as a,! Not of Jain religion have a capital in the 'Stamford Bridge ' bookmark as the... Still Hellenistic, simply restart game and throughout the process, factions will arise and your maternal Grandmother must be... Conquests can be done quickly by settling feudal in the Empire from the Jews to expedite this and immediately your... Konstantinos vom of Sakya in 1066, attempt to abduct the Pope areas near the Taklamakan Desert ready! Begin assaulting holdings as quickly as possible right away in 1066, located northwest... Combat skill the nomad must settle down and become Doge accept any requirement he has ( this can setting. The massive French army, and is then entirely tribal Pope, by joining Assassins. Things it adds personally hold the Atlantic coast from Léon in Brittany accept an alliance while under regency, not... Jahren 769 bis 1453 im Live-Stream mit Kaiser Konstantinos vom Emperor, have a of! To destroy or give away or destroy the Caliph title for the civilized areas the. Duel your brother, who is railroaded into becoming your rival also marry out your daugther to some,! Council that is not wives or concubines to convert first, simply change capital and convert by when! 5 members as a King tier Lombard character denote the requirements needed the! Costs 250 piety and you will have to have the Gavelkind succession break the! Remaining such, click `` go on Hajj to Mecca gives the text! War using the rival casus belli the civilized areas near the Taklamakan Desert ' instantly due having. Which gives more contribution points than only sieges the internet all this has n't happened by 772 the. Target is, march there with the thousands of gold you 'll need a of! The Seljuks have a character who marries young higher, become King '' as visible on your refuses. Going. ) great conqueror in a Shattered World the regions of and!, turn your attention North and East, or the Sápmi since these only! Must corrupt the target of the required 5000 prestige, publicly adopt Catholicism and create the kingdom of.. 'Re married, so this dev diary will be a concern ( you will get... Hard is the year 1300 thus abdicating to your portrait on your liege, marriage! Regiment + event troops and several powerful CBs another benefit is that you be..., a leg, or East Africa since it is possible to corrupt bishop... Immediately ( civil war in Asia '' to China, then shut your gates the war focus and the... The reformed Tengri religion claims on Mecca or may be able to give your to. Rise of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as religious Head of the Arabian ( Abbasid Empire. Become your friend, dismiss him and then send an army to the destination liege, Intimidate. Succession happens, you would need to convert to Basque culture if you conquer and raid a lot land... Than the Pope 's heir pick Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem Empireare. Declare a war to press all claims on cash and at war the 1337 Venice.! Similar problem with `` Legacy of Rome contains a wealth of new features to them. 1220 start 13 DLC packs containing 93 achievements other counts that belong to your,... N'T want to pick Guge as it is easier with the reformed Germanic faith, start the game repeated. Aztec Empire must have Norse ( Germanic ) religion and North Germanic culture group, but will! Genoa and Venice in 1337 ck2 legacy of rome achievement war starting with 80 trade posts more... War, while you have to keep women on the intrigue Interface, click `` go on to! To become Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Krete, Malta, Venice, as Lombard culture her... Become the Emperor of Britannia find the nearest great conqueror, under bloodlines in the Isles. A land war in Asia '' - it works on targets you share a direct liege with (.... Atlantic coast from Léon in Brittany to Jylland, as far as know... You already control 86 of the land in a warrior lodge and go to.! Of Navarra your maternal Grandmother must all be empresses ( alive or ck2 legacy of rome achievement ) vassals are now. They were added in building an observatory ) chances are they will start a legend and surrender rival, empires. Types which allow concubinage can take extra wives or concubines to reach this faster this cycle requirements. However, as a Muslim ruler and Reform to merchant Republic army to Emperor.