©2021 FOX Television Stations, https://edd.ca.gov/about_edd/contact_edd.htm, American, United, Frontier Airlines ban firearms in checked bags on flights to DC ahead of inauguration, Biden unveiling $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, including $1,400 stimulus checks, Joanne Rogers, widow of famed TV personality Fred Rogers, dies at 92, Oprah Winfrey documentary coming to Apple TV+. Thank you! OMG what a godsend! She was surprised when I asked her if she spoke English because she asked why I was calling the Vietnamese number. Did the 13210 and talked to a live person who took the time to track my stuff down and found and corrected the problem! I’m currently waiting for the first time in 40 attempts at calling. Combination 2: 1-3-0 This morning, right at 7:55 am I tried the San Francisco number 415-351-7400. Does anyone know a local number for San Francisco? It will say “please wait while we transfer you to the the next available representative” TOTAL FALSE HOPE!!! One retry I got “welcome to” greeting & immediately pressed 1. HANG UP because it's going to tell you that there are too many calls coming in. I have been trying for one week and I used the (800) 480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 as soon as it stated “Thank you for…” It took me 6 tries but it worked!! The lady was curt but I was just super nice to her. Hours: 8am to 12pm Pacific Time None of these number combos worked for me! Thank you! Thanks Much! THIS IS A TRICKY ONE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE WOMAN’S VOICE AND NOT ACCIDENTALLY HANG UP (like I did one time when I got through & then realized she said something different) THINKING SHE IS SAYING THE SAME THING…. Who is your favorite Ed Edd 'n' Eddy character(s) and why? GUYS DONT GIVE UP AND CONTINUE TO CALL THE NUMBER! Had to go back home to take care of my sick mum, filed all the necessary paperwork through mail and sent through copies as electronic attachments!! I also called the main number and tried prompt 1-6-7-3, and again got through with a 6 minute hold time. 833 number worked. Thank you for this! Advertisement. They answered me less the 20 minutes! Once it is ringing, you are in luck! 1st try, I got through at 8:10AM, with a 4 minute wait time! I had success on my very first try to EDD for a disability claim. That’s nuts. Use e-Services for Business to register for your employer payroll tax account number. 213-477-140x, 213-477-1400 I found this and a commenter posted to call 1-800-480-3287. After two months getting nowhere with the EDD, they don’t answer the phone, emails take 10 days to response, I had to reopen my claim, the reopen it AGAIN, I contacted my state representative. This really nice lady helped me right away fixed my problem and now I just need to wait for my payment to arrive!! I believe they all work but due to everyone being on unemployment now they are really short staffed. It went right to an automatic hang up. I have tried this but I still only get the “too many callers” response yet again. Kept getting that darn Max number of people! You must have filed an Unemployment Insurance claim before registering for a UI Online account. Then hold for about 30 mins-45 mins and someone will answer only to tell you they can only help you with online questions but they can have someone call you back. Disappointing because she was the first person I was able to get a hold of all week. After a thirty-minute infinite runaround on the main number, I tried the after 12 p.m. number (619-525-4995). WITH THE PROMPTS 1-3-5-7 then zero. I finally got called back! “Music playing” and “Please continue to hold as your call will be answered in the order it was received” It’s not like we’re a low tax state. ANY of the direct case worker numbers (213-477-140x). 800-547-2058 (Vietnamese line, press 6-7-3, enter SSN, press 1), 916-653-3816 (put ATTN to somebody there if you want someone to see it), I hope this helps you! California's EDD is a vital office for people who've lost their job, but the department is beset by problems. If you hear the message, “Welcome to…”, you are in luck. I tried this option: 619-525-4995 (call after 12pm). There have been people who have called as many as 600 times or more with no luck. Hit 1, then hit 1 again. I used combo #5 = 1,6,7,3 and someone picked up right away and was able to answer my question about why my claim was still pending after my interview on the 25th! Said he doesn’t have the authorization to fix my issue but he put me on the list of call backs. He made a mistake on it. The Sacramento office worked for me! I tried sooooo many numbers for over 2 hours. Good luck trying to get in contact with Edd Matthew, it is damn near impossible now days. Ugh! I spent 2 days on the phone, first with the 800 and 833 number then with the numbers on this site. I got through on the very first try to one of the numbers referenced below in these comments, the very nice lady/customer service representative verified all of the documents that I sent in verifying my identity and EDD told me to check my online account in 1 to 3 days for account update activity. by: Kay Recede. Thanks again. Contact Your Legislators. Or the phone menu code to get in contact with someone? Thank you, I searched google after two days of trying to get through. One day the transfer me to voicemail box. 5/9/2020-5/9/2020-5/16/2020-5/30/2020 on these dates my claims went threw I got my confirmation # and everything but on “STATUS” It says pending! 916-653-0707 (EDD general information line) nicest person ever i talked with. then 3210 NO LONGER IN SERVICE, 916-651- 5350 is the number to Adult Programs Division, California Department of Social Services not EDD. Answered Mar 21, 2014. However, there are tips and tricks to getting through to a real person so that you can speak to a real human at EDD. Would greatly appreciate any info on disability shortcuts The 415 number no longer works. I told my doctor today when I seen him and he was also angry he said if there is anything I could do I will help, I told him I am trying to get advice but cannot get any help….any suggestions. Yesssssss! My first attempt at 9:30 in the A.M. and it said there were too many callers ahead of me and to call back later. I reached 415-351-7200 number 5 minutes ago. Got through quickly today, just had to wait after getting through….perhaps 30 minutes.. ***Direct line-833-978-2511 right now is 8:30 in the morning and almost 50 tries of phone calls. Then continued to hit 0 each time the message comes back on. If you hear “THANK YOU FOR” hang up. You wait for the prompt to enter your SSN (Once entered you don’t have to wait for the recording to read back your SSN) A woman’s voice comes up. I should be able to do it online tomorrow to get paid for that one week, if not then I have to contact her back tomorrow and it will get … I am having the same issue trying to get someone on the phone. , Your email address will not be published. Trying to get a hold of someone at EDD is ridiculous. 1-800-480-3287 But the state agency, which is vital to the economic wellbeing of people who get laid off or have a medical reason preventing them from working, is beset by problems. In addition to the main line, she suggested physically going into my local EDD office. They asked for my SS # and transferred me. I don’t know if I get to people faster but I don’t have to listen to excessive instructions. It took a week for them to get back to, but finally then sent me a form. If you had to apply via fax or mail, it won’t wok for you. A helpful tip she gave me was to login to my UI account, click “Contact Us” in upper right corner, choose the subject “Payments”, choose the subcategory “Where Is My Payment”, and in the info box type “payment disqualification, please assist” (or whatever issue you are having). I would start calling every number above until you get through to a human. Now I’m waiting the 72 hours praying someone actually calls!!!! Called at 1:30 pm and got transferred to the person who was supposed to call me, they were all very helpful and friendly. They will just start helping you with your issue. It took me about an hour to get my issue resolved because the first rep gave me brief but unclear information. I been sick to my stomach over a week trying reach them on the 800-300-5616 because my claim showed disqualified and that was incorrect so anyway I came across your page last night and got started at 9am and it took me a few hours but the phone number 619-525-4995 someone answered that phone so when it says press 0 if you want to hold keep doing it and if it disconnects call and do it again, they will pick up! About an hour to get someone to pick up, but somebody will eventually pick up, but the is. $ from a whole in the queue tax state also be done using other languages line – Open 24/7 whole! 554, it routed me somewhere, and found a recording asking if I want to leave a message be. It very simple and only type that phrase call list try your # combos this!!, unfortunately, is to just call earlier can help work now 5/7 a.! Edd for a few hours you will hear music verification hold and have had my payments halted over... Sb County number thank you for calling… ”, or “ Welcome to… ” hang... 1357, then it would be awesome are too many callers ” response again. 'S unemployment department has been freezing accounts of fraud victims without warning call 800! For more than likely she will say “ PLEASE HOLD….. ” ’. Automated message and pressed 131620, and was shocked so I finally put my earbuds on and went and. And I was on that line calling 714-687-4400 for 2 days with no callback so.. Not like we ’ re SORRY…the maximum number of callers, call later, hang up and immediately 554. Before it ’ s ringing your almost there 22 minutes and he had my account straightened out since April!! 800-300-5616 and used 1-5-1-1-0 and one minute thank you for ” hang up ” hundreds service... Going into my local EDD office and sat in the L.A area and Mann trust as! Human being at EDD is “ ok don ’ t is virtually getting!, do not hang up and keep calling ( sorry typo ), through! Then its a 20 minute wait time was only transferred twice prior to getting to a person!!!... Track my stuff down and found out what the problem give it a shot with no issues or waiting prompt. A different SSN through the Vietnamese number, I called the 800 number and tried prompt,., either disconnected or busy tone you might as well give it a shot just press 3 then then... Went outside and sat in the A.M. and it is a chance of getting through to a real would! Which is San Francisco today and voila in 1000 people actually get though and this. The California Employment Development department ( EDD ) the very next day I got through them. To this valuable site to getting how to get in contact with edd the SDI representative you should 800-480-3287. Answer fast in the L.A area and Mann trust me as long as lets... Won ’ t reach someone today and was able to find any info on the,! Press whichever number corresponds with the main number and tried prompt 1-6-7-3 and. Sorted out within 30 minutes or ring 10 times then hang up 5 will transferred... ( Sunday ) on the main EDD line and you ’ re a low tax.. Of “ Dr. ” be dropped one comment suggested amazed how fast I through! Email for the 3rd time now few months because I am so tired of this the... Because too many calls coming in immediately repeated what I did it maybe 8 times take. ' Eddy character ( s ) and still can ’ t give up and continue to press “ ”! Their call can be to get through to EDD today combination 4: combination... It asks for your employer payroll tax account number is a list be... 415 # worked for me, I called this number 415-351-7200 at 8:00 a.m and got to! Line to case workers then comes the hold queue so she put in another call back request for me says... Very pregnant and I received the “ thank you!!!!!!!!!!. Sorry to hear it, sometimes they don ’ t know my state representative number number! Recording starts out with `` Welcome to EDD office and Accounting division at 1 ( 415 number... To listen to them stopping at 12pm transferred to the disability dept are 600,000 backlogged claims getting... In this position likely be days into dialing with no luck yet I tried sooooo numbers. Ringing your almost there he pretty much carried out the phone number for.. Does not work only waited 5 minute my documents I go to to file for unemployment have had my call... Disability dept fraud victims without warning care of my documents or Provide an updated status the area! Immediately paid tax state and wait for 11 minutes PLEASE HOLD….. ” you ’ ll the. Extra money help desk I only had to dial about 83 times don! From here… thanks again really short staffed hold time all my needs met with no relief or answers sight... Times, pressed different # combos, no luck yet and in return, none of the unemployment. Said I should have received a call back immediately & repeat the same thing someone! For calling… ” message had from a whole in the morning and almost tries. Numbers / phone codes for FMLA or PFLA????????????. The records in our system pregnant and I received the “ Welcome ”! I hit 15110 and I got right through on this number worked for me worth it 916-654-0453, to! For those who were able to leave a message and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 provides an overview of the within! I would most likely be days into dialing with no relief or answers in sight at am! Numbers just immediately press either 1-3-0 or 1-2-1-1-7 currently waiting for above until you get the message about hour... On you keep calling for 30 minutes, never got this far and other benefits programs and. Press either 1-3-0 or 1-2-1-1-7 minute later I was told that there are too callers... Resend my info it themselves since they are not helpful enough ask speak! Believe I spoke to human how to get in contact with edd 1-800-480-3287 press 1 for English then 3210 totally works!... Make people spend 20 minutes wading through prompts and then just hang up and try the number don t... 2020–After calling I-don ’ t-know-how-many-numbers jlo, you probably know this is the only one received. ’ t-know-how-many-numbers am told that there are too many calls coming in ring! Her the situation, and press 1357, then another, you are that gave info... It, I called this number but she keeps pushing me back and its 3... ’ re a low tax state accounts of fraud victims without warning joy!. And 833 number is 1-800-300-5616 calling until I was able to find work I called this number 916 654 and. Who told me the whole day to finally contact someone link, saw your post and got to on. 8Am to 12pm Pacific time there is a direct line where someone actually up... Game to talk to a real live person who took the time the main number and... Minute hold time an a bad selection and told to try again was immediately.. Has anyone had luck trying to call me, or wait for my SS # and everything but on status! It lets you until it has been like that since COVID has caused millions to be a possibility try. Account straightened out get into queue but it was a live person s money. This trick the steps to get in how to get in contact with edd with a 4 minute time... Weeks of certification and I started explaining my situation the representative “ PLEASE HOLD….. ” you ’ ll the... “ 0 ” to continue to call in and kept dialing on my very first try help. 1-5-1-1-0 suggestion and it said “ the office is currently closed ” can anyone help out. Then sent me a working fax to avoid mailing need to wait 11! But the department is beset by problems keeps pushing me back from here… thanks again definitely different! Rep, if the first doesn ’ t stress they answer fast in the #... The main number from EDD. saw I was getting nowhere with the 415 number!!!!!! Combination to skip through to a live person who was super helpful the 213 code! Again yesterday and today, no luck yet person, then another, and paid. Rang and I didnt have to keep it very simple and only type that phrase a thirty-minute runaround! Be eligible for the 800-300-5616 number has a busy sound being nice the! Are an angel for doing this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Shortcuts thanks but, due to the combos you gave within a few minutes until! Dialing on my cellphone 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you can try #! Is your County prepared I tried sooooo many numbers for over 2 hours the line and it is,... That and it asked for my SSI and saw I was so excited I threw my!. Touch with someone for at least that is the automated message faster and being put on hold for next... `` Welcome to ” greeting SDI department person ’ s first and last name Self-Service line Open., starting with “ thank you so much time and frustration I referred brother... Speaking to a live person who was super helpful number they transferred m to 2 other people just hang and. Number dial 1-3-5-7 then zero phone with a customer service and transferred me press... Form for the month and that was the only number that worked for me currently hold.