You should have seen Dad's face. In 1848 Olmiitz was the scene of the emperor Ferdinand's abdication, and in 1850 an important conference took place here between Austrian and German statesmen. Napcleon was now able by degrees to dispense with all republican forms (the last to go was the Republican Calendar, which ceased on the 1st of January 1806), and the scene at the coronation in Notre Dame on the 2nd of December 1804 was frankly imperial in splendour and in the egotism which led Napoleon to wave aside the pope, Pius VII., at the supreme moment and crown himself. How to use scene in a sentence. scene noun (THEATER/MOVIES) B1 [ C ] a part of a play or movie in which the action stays in one place for a continuous period of time: the funeral / wedding scene Rome became the scene of a chronique scandaleuse among these scholars, there was something unnatural in the predominance of the humanists in the Curia. Want a better idea of what your scene list might look like? The town was the scene of the marriage of Richard I., king of England, with Berengaria, in 1191. The visitor, compelled to look on at this family scene, thought it necessary to take some part in it. 28 sqq.) Therefore he took his motives from nature rather than from history; or, if he borrowed from the latter, what he selected was a scene, not the pains or the passions of its actors, Moreover, he never exhausted his subject, but was always careful to leave a wide margin for the imagination of the spectator. The best love scenes are the ones in which the participants are not perfect specimens and the circumstances are obscure and somewhat confused. Lord Chelmsford and the reconnoitring party returned to find the camp deserted; next day they retreated to Rorke's Drift, which had been the scene of an heroic and successful defence. Meanwhile Italy had been the scene of memorable events, in most of which Machiavelli took some part. In 1792 there was some vague talk of a coalition between him and Pitt, which, came to nothing. Arequipa was founded by Pizarro in 1540, and has been the scene of many events of importance in the history of Peru. A revival of the custom was effected in 1855 by Harrison Ainsworth, author of the novel The Flitch of Bacon, but the scene of the ceremony was transferred to the town hall of Great Dunmow. She ended the uncomfortable scene with a muttered, "Have a nice day.". Scene definition is - one of the subdivisions of a play: such as. Even after the lapse of so great a time the city is still in its glory, and as seen from the river it presents a scene of great picturesqueness and grandeur. After 1 Shalford Fair, the chapels on the two hills and the Surrey hills are probably the scene of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, see E. S., led to the rapid rise of Banjaluka, which was thenceforward the scene of many encounters between Austrians and Turks; notably in 1527, 1688 and 1737. Owing to the existence of a strong Mussulman minority among its inhabitants, the warlike character of the natives, and the mountainous configuration of the country, which enabled a portion of the Christian population to maintain itself in a state of partial independence, the island has constantly been the scene of prolonged and sanguinary struggles in which the numerical superiority of the Christians was counterbalanced by the aid rendered to the Moslems by the Ottoman troops. In the 2nd century it was the scene of the martyrdom of St Benignus (Benigne, vulg. Sample Swordfight Scene. The best preserved painting shows a scene from a bullfight. An example of a scene is the balcony episode in Romeo and Juliet. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was a favourite duellingground, and in the present day it is not infrequently the scene of political and other popular demonstrations (as is also Trafalgar Square), while the neighbourhood of Marble Arch is the constant resort of orators on social and religious topics. The exception is the Guildhall of the City Corporation, with its splendid hall, the scene of meetings and entertainments of the corporation; its council chamber, library and crypt (partly opened to the public in 1910).