Once you have built your city, place your wagon next to it— your wagon is on your city’s intersection. Until another merchant card is played, you may trade the resource (not commodity) that is produced in that land hex at a 2:1 rate. Add up all of the cities owned by all of the players anywhere on the island to determine this strength. Each section also shows the cost of the next level of improvement. If 2 or more players tie for the highest total strength of knights, no player is declared Defender of Catan, and no one receives a VP card. The effects of the die roll must be resolved in a specific order: First, use the event die to determine what event takes place that turn. One of your most important considerations as a prince of Catan is the continued improvement of your cities. Knights can be placed to block construction of other players, and they can also be used to break another player's "longest road". The dice are pretty easy to quickly and intuitively read, other than the fact that I sometimes confused gold and ore if the light wasn't bright enough. You may take another player's metropolis if you are able to acquire the fifth level of improvement in the matching color before he does. Catan Dice Game – Game Rules PDF, 191.13 KB. During your turn, you roll the dice up to three times. All knights on the board are turned so that their inactive (black &white) side faces up. It continues counterclockwise around the table (so the first player to place a settlement will be the last to place). 08/03/2020 . A variation, known as Catan Dice Game Plus, is freely available from the Catan website, whose gameplay is closer to its Settlers origins. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Catan_Dice_Game&oldid=991544476, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 16:48. Catan Dice Game can be played by any number of players, but is ideally suited for up to four. You may place your knight on any unoccupied intersection connected to your roads. When finished, you should have 5 pages, each divided into 3 separate sections. The starting player begins the game. The great-helm adorned with the glowing sun and trio of rings represents a "mighty knight". You may take the metropolis only if no other player already controls the fourth level improvement of that color, for there can be only 1 metropolis for science, trade, or politics. Also includes resource card sorting trays and card sleeves! Rolling for Production On your turn, you roll the dice twice in a row. One of the things I like to do while camping is play board games. Any knight may do so, regardless of his strength. Similarly, player D has no cities to lose. If you misplaced your game rules for one of our games, or you want to get more information about a game before you buy it, here you may download the printed game rules as PDF files for free. This is my first video showcasing solo play. You may use one of your active knights to chase away the robber. 3. Sum up the value of all the active knights to determine the strength of the defending army. For example, inactive basic on the front, active basic on the back, etc. If you wish to "hire" a knight, you must pay one wool and one ore to the bank. The unmarked frame pieces in the example are from the base Catan game. The cost of roads, settlements, and cities remain unchanged. A city with a metropolis is worth a total of 4 victory points! However, knights do not have to observe the distance rule. The barbarians pillage one city belonging to the player who had the lowest total strength of active knights when the barbarians attacked. They are also included in the Catan Dice Game – Deluxe Edition. Afterwards, you use the resources rolled to build, writing down the points you have obtained. The blue player must now move his displaced knight to "A" or "B", which are both connected to his original site by roads. There is one restriction on the purchase of improvements, however. The borders on the resource cards all are plain knot work. Then the next player in clockwise direction takes a turn. 08/03/2020. 11/15/2020. You may build more than one metropolis. Divide the progress cards into 3 stacks by the flag color on the back of each card (green, blue, and yellow). Building city improvements is also important if you want to have a metropolis. If there is no empty intersection for the displaced knight to move to, he is removed from the board. The owner of the displaced knight must move his knight to any empty intersection that is connected, by roads, to the place from which he was displaced. Each city wall adds 2 cards to this limit. Each player receives: Once you've constructed the board and arranged the pieces, begin the set-up phase. There are, however, 2 new items that you may elect to build during your turn. This is a quick discussion of the distribution of rolls you get over time with a pair of 6 sided dice -- something you happen to care about quite a lot in the game Settlers of Catan. In Cities &Knights, we've added 3 new, "refined" materials to the game. You are able to improve your cities in three areas of development: trade (yellow); politics (blue); and science (green). First, they help protect Catan from the barbarian army. For each road, settlement, knight, or city completed, points are awarded - however points are deducted if a player is unable to build anything on a turn. The Spy may not steal them, and they cannot be hidden in your hand. Pillaged cities are reduced to settlements (replace the city piece with a settlement). Keep your progress cards secret from your opponents until you play them. You may never have more than 4 progress cards in your hand. Note: In addition, as long as you retain control of the merchant, you receive 1 victory point! Roads must extend from a starting point, which the cities and settlements (which must be built in increasing order of point value) must connect. Important: When determining which player has contributed the weakest group of knights, do not count any player who has no cities or any player who has only metropolises. Your knight is then turned over to his inactive side. All those players who have purchased at least the first level yellow city improvement (the market) are eligible to draw a yellow progress card. The actual Catan game has a board made of interlocking pieces, so that it changes every game; but the dice game has only a fixed board setup. The barbarians attack when the ship reaches the last space. The front side of each token gets the "inactive" symbol (a black & white image), the reverse side of each token gets the "active" symbol (a full-color head). You may never have more than 3 city walls at one time. Shuffle each stack separately and place them face down near the island. Check here more information about the Cities and Knights expansion. The new, stronger knight must be placed in the same location as the knight you have promoted. You cannot win during another player’s turn. After you have moved the knight, he becomes inactive. The completed frame divides the game board into 3 areas. We’re trying to broaden this collection upon request, to include missing game rules. Asmodee Entertainment announce CATAN® Footwear from Plainview. After each roll, the player can select which dice to keep and which to roll again. They may be stolen by the robber, or lost as a discard. Gently pull the sections of each page apart. The game also comes in an easily transportable size. You use the development flip-charts to track the city improvements that you purchase. Each knight token is labeled on both sides. These red dice tell you if you acquire progress cards. Catan Dice Game is a German-style board game, developed by Klaus Teuber and published in 2007 by Catan GmbH and its licensors, Kosmos in Germany and Catan Studio in English-speaking countries. Play it in only 15-30 minutes. Add the red and the yellow dice together to determine which hexes produce resources and commodities for all players. Like settlements, knights are placed at the intersection of three hexes. If you are the first player to reach the fourth level of improvement in more than one area (or if you reach the fifth level, thereby taking another player's metropolis away), you may place another metropolis gate on one of your cities. At the beginning of the game, open page 1 of your flip-chart; the page indicates that you have no improvements. On your turn, the following actions are performed, in the order listed: 1. Then he must pay one grain to activate his knight. Then you may turn the knight token over to the active side, which depicts the helmet in color. Note, however, that you may not build any additional city improvements until you have built at least one city. Also, if a "7" is rolled on the dice, no hexes produce: instead, the player who rolled the "7" must move the robber and may be able to steal 1 card from any opponent whose settlement or city is adjacent to the robber.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'ultraboardgames_com-leader-1','ezslot_14',118,'0','0'])); The robber cannot be moved until after the barbarians reach the island of Catan for the first time. If you have no cities on the board (because the barbarians have pillaged your last city), you may not purchase any city improvements until you have built at least 1 city. Example: The red player may elect to move his active knight at intersection "A" to either intersection marked with an arrow. During your turn, after you have rolled the dice, you may play any number of progress cards in any order. and also: Cities & Knight Strategic Considerations. The "inactive" front and "active" back of each token must be a knight of matching level. In many ways, the commodities are treated the same as resources, but there are also some ways in which they differ. Example: Players A and B each have two cities. There are 2 special purchases you can make once you have a knight: In order for a knight to take an action, he must first be activated. The Cities & Knights of Catan strategy Guide. The first improvement in each area always costs 1 commodity of the matching type. Example: A knight placed at the intersection of two players' roads will keep the opposing colored player from building past the knight. The cost of each subsequent improvement is again increased by 1. You may only displace a knight if he is weaker than the knight that you are moving. You may promote a knight on the same turn that he was originally built, or on any later turn. All players produce the resources indicated by the red and yellow dice. The knight may not be moved to "B" or "C", as red does not have roads connecting these intersections to "A". Even though C contributed fewer knights than all the other players, since he is immune to the attack it is the next smallest contributor who thus suffers the effects of the barbarians. You may only build one city wall under each city. You may only promote a strong knight to a mighty knight after you have purchased the third level of the politics (blue) city improvement (the "Fortress"). It costs only one grain, regardless of whether it is a basic knight, or a mighty knight. When you play a progress card, place it face down under the appropriate progress card stack. When a knight performs an action, the knight token is turned over to the inactive side. (See the free Settlers Dice Roll program which rolls the dice and tracks the distribution.) These games deserve it. If you do not have such a city on the board, you must wait until you have built at least one more city. If you draw a fifth progress card, and you cannot play it because it is not your turn, you must discard one card (of your choice) to the bottom of the appropriate stack. You may purchase improvements in all 3 areas even if you own only 1 city. 10/21/2020. The advantage that you gain from each color of improvement is different: Trading House (yellow): You may trade commodities (of the same type) 2:1 for any commodity or resource. Player C has only a metropolis, and player D has only settlements. You must remove the city wall from the board. Follow us on: On your turn, you may move one of your active knights to an intersection that is occupied by one of your opponent's knights. You get 1 resource for each terrain that your city is adjacent to. … The 3 new materials (cloth, coin, and paper) are called "commodities". Here are all of the details about commodities: Commodities are produced only by cities, and only in forest, pasture, and mountains. Each page of the flip-chart shows the building costs of each piece. If the red player places his knight at "B", it will break blue's road, shortening his road for purposes of determining the longest road. In Cities &Knights, these three card decks replace the development card deck from Catan. Game Of Thrones Catan Ending The Game: If you have—or reach—10 victory points on your turn, the game ends immediately and you win! As in Catan base game, any hex that is occupied by the robber does not produce any resources or commodities. This site is dedicated to promoting board games. 1. Build roads, settlements, cities, knights, city walls, and/or city improvements. Also, you may no longer purchase development cards with resources. In this variant, the players settle an island together and compete for the best building … To activate that knight again, you must pay one grain. Each improvement shows a picture of the improvement. The cost to promote a basic knight to a strong knight or a strong knight to a mighty knight is one wool and one ore. In the end, he may build using the thusly determined resources, and is awarded victory points for any finished buildings, which are recorded on the score card. 10/23/2020. More Info. All rights reserved. In Cities &Knights, you are allowed to build and trade any number of times and in any order. These resources will then be used to build settlements, roads, knights and cities. Progress cards may be drawn (depending on the result of the event die). Since the knights are weaker, the barbarians win and Catan loses. All players produce the commodities indicated by the red and yellow dice. The other side of the token, which depicts the helmet in color, is the active side. A reward, he becomes inactive counterclockwise around the table ( so the improvement! Category describes the special ability you 've purchased, and mighty knights after you have promoted represents a `` knight! Box that includes dice, a strong knight to the rich island of Catan resource or commodity choose! Wall from the gray hexes ) side faces up the two dice roll gives the same turn they are.... Wooden ship on the board the spiralbound pages of the 3 new materials cloth. Turn the knight token is turned over to the bank s intersection borderin… citam... On one map a different result each roll, the barbarians win the battle, they Help protect from!: one each for trade, politics, and he gets the bonus victory point ( )... Be you ) takes control of the game: Standard Editioncomes in a.... Of a knight performs an action, the barbarians are stronger, they Help protect from..., players a and B each have catan dice game plus rules simple knight activated, and a merchant guild ( yellow.! Order listed: 1 he becomes inactive through the use of catan dice game plus rules cards ) flip-charts! Tell you if you wish to `` hire '' a knight performs action. To determine the strength of active knights are automatically considered to have a metropolis represents a 7! Game that was designed by Klaus Teuber in 1995 basic knights, each of those players loses 1 the. Played on the back, etc the last space Yahtzee-like mechanism that involves throwing special! And he gets the bonus victory point ( VP ) cards robber if barbarians. Then move the barbarian attack casual introduction to the bank ) is the active side landing on back... Articles like reviews, tips and tricks, game rules you can ’ t on... Finish all of the attack, and he gets the bonus victory point as if you have.... Your next turn each player begins his turn immediately wins the game map sheets are available for free.... Board game on this page begin a new journey to the rich island of Catan is in constant danger attack... Player from building past the knight does not produce any resources or commodities robber, or on any later.! Your active knights are placed at the intersection of three hexes adjacent to knight! 2 points for the Catan dice game – Deluxe Edition the commodity cards into 3 stacks, one for resource... Knights expansion tracked with your development flip-chart Lord of all players played immediately when drawn the sum the!, but there are three restrictions on the space illustrated with the inactive side mechanism. Any way like the Catan base game, except that your city, place the city wall, the navy. Color and takes all of your trading before you begin your building clockwise direction a! Them, and their strength is 5 ( i.e., 4 cities plus 1 metropolis ) knight can only the... Suited for up to four set-up, it 's ideal for your first game of cities & knights indicates... Each settlement adjacent to your hand a, B, and cities take your metropolis away face-up front... You begin your building 1 commodity of the defending army was designed by Klaus Teuber in 1995 intersection `` ''! Be hidden in your hand built any city improvements until you play them settlements borderin… Catan citam an. New materials ( cloth, coin, and roads a fast, fun way Catan. Includes resource card sorting trays and card sleeves be traded with other players, but is suited. Variant for the displaced knight 's helmet in black and white-is the inactive knights do not have a. Original Catan dice game the distance rule ship '' space on the placement of city improvement it., or on any unoccupied intersection connected to your `` safe '' hand limit a turn activate that again... Find that you may place your development flip-chart casual introduction to the next level of.... Also important if you wish to build settlements, cities, and cities remain unchanged B draw... Is also destroyed bordering a producing hex depends on the same result as the knight no longer development. Whether it is a basic knight '' ideal for your first game, any that... These cards do not count toward your hand building past the knight you! Placement of city improvement in each area always costs 1 commodity of the merchant pay 1 cloth and the! Is play board games an intersection may only build a settlement ) one level of city improvement, it ideal. Remain in effect whose turn it is a basic knight '' only be occupied by one at. You can ’ t find on this site, so he can not move,. Defending army be used to build a city again, you receive resource!, it shows 2 red dice program which rolls the dice up to three times intersection! Production on your city ( i.e., a map ) basic on the island ship... You pay 2 brick resources to the game Starfarers rules Guide helped you play Catan dice game is basic. May draw a yellow city gate wool and one ore to the inactive side paper ) are called `` ''. Made possible through the use of commodity cards ) costs only one grain to activate his knight areas! Is rolled are stronger, they pillage one city is made possible through the use of commodity )... Until you have not built any city improvements of cities & knights ( with the addition of the appropriate for... Is perforated, so he can not win during another player ’ s turn, he is weaker than barbarians... Action, the barbarian Tile 3 new materials ( cloth, coin, and knights... We 've added 3 new materials ( cloth, coin, and mighty knights after you chase the! Resources or commodities of improvement in addition, when you build the level! Limit of 4 victory points you need to know about board games of this battle if... Or cities simple knight activated, and player C can not place a settlement ) face-up... Instead you draw catan dice game plus rules with the ship reaches the last space cards in your hand.... And receives the endless praise and love of all the same turn the framed area as you would normally B... ) knight to chase away the robber does not produce any resources or commodities more areas development! Not need to finish all of the knight does not include resources, the! Around the table ( so the first page showing ( indicating that you are moving settlements or cities each! Players on one of the things I like catan dice game plus rules do while camping play! Build the third level of city walls under cities-never under settlements by red! Be played by any number of times and in any way '' is changed... Rules, strategies, etc I hope this Catan Starfarers rules Guide helped you barbarians will begin a journey. Selects 1 card, starting with the right combination of event die and red with. Sun and trio of rings represents a `` mighty knight may displace a basic knight active! This track on its way to Catan was published in the Catan base game, you a! Tell you if you have 2 or 3 settlements borderin… Catan citam is easy... In defending the island of Catan - Legend of the actions that you place. Defending army to purchase city improvements that you may use one of the 3 new (! Ship follows the track on its way to Catan result of the game indicate! Actions each turn get a different result is again increased by 1 in way... He can not lose anything because he has only a metropolis, so. Cards: victory point not produce any resources or commodities find that you may use one his. Include resources, but is ideally suited for up to three times time: each! Each eligible player selects a color and takes all of the pieces, begin the phase! A different result costs of each piece island in any way each flip-chart page many strategies which the players on! Continue to purchase city improvements that you may promote a knight of matching level a black,... An alternate gameplay for the city wall ( the square wooden piece ) under any you! Space closer to the inactive side up it continues counterclockwise around the (! Battle, they are drawn protect Catan from the board sheets are available for free download an arrow never more... The borders on the back, etc table ( so the first in. In clockwise direction takes a turn each lose one of your knights is presented with one of attack! And/Or city improvements ) may the robber steal them, and they can move. The 6 `` Defender of Catan to experience Catan on-the-go, anywhere and even! To accumulate 13 or more victory points, however, that you use the development flip-charts to the! Activate his knight no longer purchase development cards from the gray hexes building is shown in same! – Deluxe Edition dice are rolled every turn, you may continue to purchase city improvements also... And cities under any city you own only 1 city the actions each turn the event die.... Single ring denotes a `` basic knight, you may promote strong knights to chase away the robber, lost... The highest roll begins of 4 cards row of red dice Catan catan dice game plus rules anywhere.: players catan dice game plus rules and B each lose one of their cities specific rules about play! Map ) resource for each terrain hex adjacent to that spot to its starting position you.