Carp over the British record [Log-In] jam-ie: Posts: 1748 #78 16 ... no chance. That mighty mirror carp, The Parrot, lived in Berkshire’s Wasing Estate but it has sadly now passed away. Official rules state that a carp must be truly British in order to be considered as a contender, while many anglers are quick . British record. Pictured above, Roman’s monster mirror scaled a mega 46.10 kg (101 lb 4 oz) and was – as is customary across Europe – measured. NB. 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In 2016, Tom Doherty received death threats after attempting to claim the record for a 70lb mirror carp. ‘I’m in a great place knowing what I have achieved but I know previously people have gone as far as receiving death threats. The 83lb 4oz mirror, which was heavily spawnbound, was caught from the Carp Lake on the exclusive Wingham syndicate in Kent. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. 1902, 26th Sep - Otto Overbeck, Common 17.8lbs from Croxby pond. "All carps are imported at some point but I'll have some discussions with people and see what we decide. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Best Big Pit Carp Reels Under £100: 8 To Choose From In 2020 . Kevin Clifford's A History of Carp Fishing contains a list of 'early references to big carp' on pages 30 & 31. For more stories like this, check our news page. Tom’s carp will be recorded in the “Top 50” coarse fish listings, which record the 50 largest specimens of the most popular coarse fish species reported in the angling media, and published on the BRFC web pages. No content may be reproduced without permissions. The 38-year-old said he had already received negative feedback and pinned it down to jealousy. Martin Lewis reveals how to get interest-free £500 overdraft – but you must act fast, Martin Lewis, appearing on his ITV show, said Lloyds and Halifax are among the banks that are offering the 0% overdraft for those whose finances have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Size – The current British record mirror carp weighs in at 67lb 14oz and the world record is a massive 101lb 4oz. Stu at 71lb 4oz from hampton springs. Such was the unbelievable weight he initially thought his scales were broken and so double checked using a friend’s set. The couple are currently 5,000 miles apart from one another. The angler, who has represented England at the sport, enticed the beast using a pellet and sweetcorn bait. Wayne Mansford, 38, caught the huge fish which weighed 75lb – 7lb more than the existing record, however he's scared of backlash by angling purists, reports Mail Online. I am a techno … Here, online, is the coarse fish record list as it stands. Coarse fish records and how to make a claim when you catch a record fish. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. ‘At the end of the day a carp is carp to me,’ he said. He said: "I have already received a lot of negative feedback from some people. “There is every chance Martyn’s fish could be acknowledged as a new British Record, and in my eyes, the catch certainly passes the BRFC’s considering factors. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . The fish has since died. He has vowed "certain revenge", Wedding with 400 guests hidden behind boarded-up school windows stormed by police, Police broke up the crowd at the venue in Stamford Hill, north London, with the organiser now facing a £10,000 fine. The Unofficial British record carp list 83lb 4oz | Unknown | Wingham, Kent Nov 2017 © Dynamite Baits 2021. DNA-tested claim officially remains open for roach claims now at 3 lb 12 oz having originally been set at 4 lb 3 oz or above. 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The stocky specimen, which pips the previous record for the species by just 1oz, fell to Craig Smithson during a 48-hour stay on Dorset’s Milton Abbas s Wayne Mansford couldn't believe the scales when he weighed the massive fish – but he may not claim the record in a bid to avoid backlash from the angling community as the fish is imported, The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Leather carp can be identified by its lack of scales and an almost leather effect skin, although they are allowed some scales along the dorsal line and at the wrist of the tail. The British Record Fish Committee, which deals with record claims, has a number of guidelines when deciding on imported species. The British record mirror carp is a fish that weighed in at 71lb 4 oz in The Avenue (RH Fisheries) in 2016. in 2018, a new mirror world record was caught in the Hungarian carp venue Euro Aqua. Wingham's Big Plated at a huge 83lb 4oz Fishery boss Steve Burke told "The fish appears spawnbound. Wayne caught the carp, nicknamed Marshall, at Holme Fen Fishery in Cambridgeshire. Brit angler lands world record 16.5st carp after fighting with beast for 80 mins John ­Harvey, 42, caught the freshwater giant at a lake in Thailand, where he has lived for 14 years mirror Keith Berry, Northern Ireland stillwater. Wayne Mansford landed the huge 75lb 2oz fish — which is 7lb heavier than the current record — after a ten-minute battle. The British carp record has been smashed with the capture of monster 70lb 4oz mirror! It was 113 cm long. By snowmanstevo, January 1, 2013 in UK Carp Fishing. 1926, 14th Aug - E.Wyatt, Mirror 21lb 10oz from … "At the end of the day a carp is a carp to me. The British Record (Rod Caught) Fish Committee -(BRFC) are the official organisation taking responsibility for all angling fish records within the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, collectively known as the "British Records". I'm in a great place knowing what I have achieved but I know previously people have gone as far as receiving death threats. Official rules state that a carp must be truly British in order to be considered as a contender, while many anglers are quick to point out that carp are not indigenous to the UK. "I couldn't believe it when I saw what was on the scales - I even let out a scream and checked I wasn't being tricked by the scales. A British man reeled in a 232-pound carp fish in Thailand last month — a reportedly record-breaking size believed to be the world's largest caught carp fish. Burnham, 41, battled the carp for 45 minutes and had to wade far into the shallows to net his catch, which he believed rivaled the existing state record of 34 pounds, 10 ounces. Leather carp. However as it is an imported specimen that was put into a lake many years ago weighing 15Ib, some anglers feel it is not a British fish. Of course, the aforementioned Holden fish, would have trumped Mr. Wyatt, had it been more widely … After confirming the size and posing for pictures he returned Marshall to the water safe and well.Wayne said: ‘The fight took around ten minutes and it wasn’t until I tried to lift it that I realised how heavy it was. Albert Buckley became intrigued by the fish that several friends had hooked and lost, sometimes running off all the line from the reel before breaking free, from this 28-acre fishery in … Weights are in pounds, ounces and drams. Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) Barbel (Barbus barbus) 3-spined stickleback … At that all-time high, the fish stays top on the official BRFC list . This goes back to 1739, and prior to Otto Overbeck's 1902 17lber there are numerous larger fish over 20lbs, although some were 'netted' and some have incomplete descriptions. 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Wayne Mansford, 38, caught a whopping 75lb 2oz mirror carp (Picture: BNPS) A roofer who caught Britain’s biggest ever carp may not claim the record over backlash fears. Join Our Private Facebook Group. Wayne, from Windsor, said he was proud of his achievement but didn’t want the hassle surrounding a record claim. Traditionalists say records should only relate to ‘wild’ fish that have spent years growing to their full weight. ‘It could be a British record but I just don’t know whether I want to go through all the controversy. Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at The British record carp is a topic that always causes some controversy. In the days before the British Record Fish Committee made things a little more official, the record was the fish that was recognised most widely and it does seem that the Wyatt fish, caught from Warren Pond in Epping Forest, achieved that status, but it certainly wasn’t the biggest carp caught up to that point. The carp fishing grapevine went into meltdown last week when the British record wasn’t just smashed, but it was obliterated with the capture of a massive 83¼lb mirror from the exclusive Wingham Main Lake!